The Trials Of Being An Armadillo: Armadillo Struggles To Make It Up A Ramp At Zoo [Video]

Sometimes life can prove tough for an armadillo. A patron at the Mulhouse Zoo in France captured a particularly trying moment for an armadillo as he attempted to make his way up a ramp in his enclosure. The poor little creature could be seen trying in vain to make his way to the top of the pedestal before deciding to just throw in the towel.

A video uploaded by YouTube user P.A. Roy shows an armadillo running around an enclosure at the Mulhouse Zoo in France. The armadillo decides that he really wants to climb to the top of a small ramp but finds the task a little too difficult for his slippery feet. The poor little guy tries nine times to get up the small ramp before just giving up.

Each time the armadillo attempts to make his way to the top, his little legs slide back down the ramp and he is forced to start from scratch. After trying nine separate times to make it up the ramp, the creature finally decides he has had enough and looks for another way to his desired location.

Those commenting on the video say that they understand the plight of the unfortunate armadillo as they sometimes too feel like they are sliding down a never-ending ramp.

Others simply point out that it is cruel to put a clear-coated wooden plank in the armadillo’s tank as he has no hopes of making it to the top.

What do you think of the tiny armadillo’s attempt to make its way up the ramp?