Christian McPhilamy: Support Grows For Boy Who Grew Hair For Cancer Patients

Christian McPhilamy is proof that children really can have wonderful little hearts and think of a world that is bigger than them.

The youngster from Melbourne, Florida, was inspired to grow out his hair from a commercial on pediatric cancer that he watched when he was six-years-old.

Now 8, the boy is in the second grade and already the donor of some pretty awesome locks to those who’ve lost their hair for a medical reason.

The boy finally got a haircut on May 20 after two non-stop years of growth. It didn’t come easy either, according to an article from the Daily Mail. Apparently some children and even adults bullied him for the way he looked during that time period and said things that made him feel “not very good.”

Undeterred, he stuck to the goal and at the end of last month donated all of his hair to the Children with Hair Loss charity.

The charity is based in Michigan and provides “a free hair piece annually to children who have medically-related hair loss including cancer patients and burn victims,” reports Florida Today.

Here’s a glimpse of what Christian McPhilamy looked like prior to the haircut.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.39.22 PM

What you’re looking at there is over 10 inches of hair on each of the four ponytails.

Scott Norris, Christian’s stepdad, said that he was blown away by the little guy’s devotion to this project.

“I was just filled with joy and pride, and it was awesome,” he told FT.

The boy’s mother, Deeanna Thomas, 28, said that one family friend told her it was time to cut Christian’s hair but later apologized when she found out the motivation behind it.

Brittany MacQuarrie of the St. Jude Clinic, whose commercial inspired the decision, was very impressed.

“What an awesome story!!! As a Peds oncology nurse I have cried along side mamas while they cut what’s left of their little girls hair off after there just isn’t enough left on their sweet little head thanks to chemo. It’s a difficult thing for children and their parents. Give him a kiss from me and all the kids here at the St. Jude clinic. He’s a little hero.”

The public support has been overwhelming since Christian’s story first broke, with more than 215,000 shares on the Daily Mail‘s social media alone.

What do you think about Christian McPhilamy and his decision to grow that hair out for needy kids with cancer? Sound off in the comments section.

[Images via Facebook c/o Daily Mail, linked above]