Travis Scott Humiliates Cameraman At Summer Jam, Forces Him Off Stage

Travis Scott, a rapper, is known for wild on-stage antics, so no one really knew what to expect from him when he took to the 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam stage on Sunday.

Scott headlined the festival stage and debuted his new single “3500” in front of a rapturous audience. But it looks like he got offended by the photographer documenting the event on stage, Complex reports.

“Hey, get your f*cking nerdy ass off the stage, bro,” he told the cameraman “Go! Now! I don’t know you, bro… Nobody on stage bro… No disrespect, I’m an artist… I don’t care if you’re working for Summer Jam, Bye! You’re not working for Travis! This isn’t Summer Jam, this is a Travis Scott show!”

The cameraman left the stage and didn’t return. It’s unclear whether he was actually employed by Summer Jam.

Scott later apologized on Twitter.

T is sorry for being such a ass. All love my g. Let’s continue the rage

— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) June 7, 2015

Here’s a video of how it all went down: (Warning: video contains adult language)

This isn’t the first time Travis’ name has been linked to a controversy. In March, Scott got into a fight with a fan who allegedly grabbed his chain after a set in Arizona on his Rodeo tour reports

In the video, Travis is in the red pants. You can also see Young Thug, who was on tour with Scott at the beginning of the shot.

Scott has also been linked to a ghostwriting scandal involving Kanye West. At a hosting gig at The Supper Club in L.A. last month, Amber Rose implied that Scott wrote all of Kanye’s lyrics on his recent projects. Travis who was on stage at the time declined to make any comment about what she said. Amber later claimed that she was drunk that night so we should probably take her statements with a grain of salt. Or should we?

(Warning: Video contains adult language)

According to Complex, Travis tweeted that he apologized to the cameraman, but that tweet is nowhere to be found on Scott’s Twitter page.

Here’s what Complex said he said:

Apologized to the guy on stage. I just like the stage clear so I can bounce around. All love bro
— TRAVIS SCOTT (@trvisXX) June 7, 2015

We suggest that no matter how “turnt up” you get, steer clear of a Travis Scott on stage; you never know what can happen when he’s “raging.”

Photo by Getty/Dave Kotinsky