Adorable Girl, 9, Surprises ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judges With Impressive Karate Routine [Video]

An adorable little girl named Jesse melted the hearts of Britain’s Got Talent judges, including that of Simon Cowell, with a surprising routine. The little girl made her way to the stage and the audience can be heard saying “awwww” as the adorable girl began to speak. However, the audience and judges were shocked when the tiny girl pulled off a fierce karate routine that included a samurai sword.

Britain’s Got Talent uploaded a video of the little girl’s karate performance along with the judges’ commentary as the child became a fan favorite. Prior to her routine, the little girl discussed her family and discussed her talent. The little girl was brought to the performance with her father as her mother stayed home with young siblings. The adorable child says that her father even went to hair-styling classes to ensure he would be able to pull off her performance hairdo without a hitch.

After giving her name and information to the judges, the little girl stunned the crowd as she performed a frightening, but impressive karate routine. After the performance was over, all of the judges were standing in honor of the child’s amazing performance. When asked how she began karate, the little girl noted that she started with ballet and Irish dancing, but didn’t like it. Therefore, she did a 180 and took up karate lessons.

Jesse isn’t the first person to impress judges with a seemingly out-of-character performance. Susan Boyle went on to impress Britain’s Got Talent judges after they wrongly pre-judged the woman based on her appearance.

What do you think of the little girl’s karate performance?

[Image Credit: Youtube]