Fox News Star Megyn Kelly Inches Closer To Bill O'Reilly In Ratings

Daryl Deino

Megyn Kelly's interview with the Duggars didn't go over very well in a lot of quarters. Even though NPR is a left-leaning organization that usually criticizes Fox News, their television critic Eric Deggans said what a lot of others thought about the interview.

"It seemed to be pretty much about helping the Duggars salvage their brand rather than getting to the bottom of what happened in this family. She wasn't particularly incisive and she didn't push the Duggars on issues that I think are at the heart of this — why they waited so long to go to law enforcement, why they took all these unofficial avenues to get their children help."

Bill O'Reilly didn't let Kelly's much-publicized interview with the Duggar family beat him in the overall ratings for last week. Mr. O'Reilly averaged 2.57 million viewers per night. He scored his biggest show on Monday night with 2.67 million viewers and the lowest on Tuesday night with 2.36 million. Of course, many would kill for Bill O'Reilly's "lowest" ratings.

On Talk Show Death Row is CNN's Anderson Cooper, who averaged just 530,000 viewers a night. Cooper's biggest night was Monday with 559,000 viewers. On Thursday night, he achieved only 410,000 viewers, which is quite an embarrassment even by his standards.

Bill O'Reilly has remained the cable television news king for over 15 years, despite many controversies. This week, Mr. O'Reilly was criticized for calling out Hillary Clinton on what he considers the myth of income inequality. Fox News Insider quotes Mr. O'Reilly from his show.

"That is the play here – to convince Americans that market competition is bad, unfair, it's a rigged deal. Sadly, that message is gaining currency."

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Variety]