Bad Blood? Katy Perry Registered New Song ‘1984’ On BMI

Rumors are swirling about Katy Perry’s new song. The “Dark Horse” singer has been keeping quiet since Taylor Swift released her infamous “Bad Blood” music video. Now a new report is claiming that Katy Perry registered her new song “1984” on BMI.

It looks like Katy Perry is going to hit back at Taylor Swift with a new song. Perry has previously said that she would let her music speak for itself when it comes to her divorce from Russell Brand. Now it looks like Perry is letting her music speak for itself when it comes to her feud with Swift.

According to a new report on, Katy has registered the new song called “1984” on BMI. As you probably know, Taylor has an album out titled 1989. Now fans are thinking that Katy’s new song is a dig at Taylor’s critically acclaimed album.

Neither Dr. Luke, nor Max Martin, is the producer behind Katy’s new song. Dallas Austin is the songwriter and producer of “1984.” He’s known for writing hits like TLC’s “Creep” and “Unpretty.” That means Perry is taking a different approach with her fourth album.

“‘1984’ has been co-helmed by Dallas Austin (Madonna, TLC, P!nk) and Andreas Carlsson (‘Waking Up In Vegas,’ ‘Born To Make You Happy’) which signals a new musical direction for Katy’s fourth album.”

You can see the proof for itself below. Fans quickly made screen grabs of Katy Perry’s “1984” song listed on the official BMI website.


Perry probably had to distance herself from producer Max Martin. He worked with Swift on most of her 1989 album, including the single “Bad Blood,” which is said to be about Perry. It could also be due to the fact that Perry wants to reinvent herself for her next album era.

Does that mean that “1984” will be about Taylor Swift? Not exactly. Some have speculated that the new song could be about Katy Perry’s life in the public eye. That hasn’t stopped some fans from wondering if “1984” is a response to “Bad Blood.”

Katy Perry song “1984” registered on BMI Katy is coming for (bad) blood

— PopCulture Facts (@PopCultureShade) June 7, 2015

As for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” it was only number one for a week, as previously reported via Forbes. The catchy song made it to the top of the charts with her brilliant marketing strategy and star-studded music video. All of the hype behind “Bad Blood” wasn’t made to last though. Taylor has a dedicated fan base that will keep the song on the charts and on the radio airwaves throughout most of the summer.

Even Headline Planet notes that the hype surrounding the single has been “lukewarm” at best. It quickly became one of the lowest-ranking singles off of 1989, quickly following behind “Style,” “Blank Space,” and “Shake It Off.”

But the hype may ramp up again thanks to the ongoing news about Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s alleged feud. What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s “1984” song? Do you think it’s about Taylor Swift? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images]