Melissa McCarthy Talks About Jason Statham Crawling Up Her Body

Melissa McCarthy opened up recently about her experience shooting the box office hit Spy and revealed some surprising things about her co-star, Jason Statham. Namely, that he is hilarious.

Anyone familiar with Statham’s work knows he’s an action star of the highest degree who can play a very intimidating guy when he has a weapon in his hands, but McCarthy says there’s a very underrated quality to him that people don’t often see.

“I broke character a lot with him. Especially when he would get really close to my face and he’d get so intense. I’m pretty good about not breaking because I know once I start I get really giggly and then I feel like the crew is like, ‘Are you laughing at your own bits?'” McCarthy told People.

Part of what makes McCarthy so beloved by fans, however, is her ability to laugh at herself and her willingness to jump into absurd situations, as seen several times in films like Bridesmaids. For Spy, Melissa had to delve into very physical moments — such as dangling from a helicopter some 40 feet in the air — and talked about how surreal it was.

“Jason Statham is literally crawling up my body like a ladder. I was like, ‘What am I doing and how did I get here?'”

McCarthy made headlines last week when she made an appearance on the red carpet for the premiere of Spy having shed 50 pounds. The actress is starting her own fashion line and wore one of her own designs to the premiere, garnering quite a few compliments for the long-sleeved, flowing dress with an empire waist. The gown might have been a good luck charm, since Spy drew in more than $30 million over the weekend, beating out the much-anticipated Entourage movie and knocking San Andreas from the top spot.

Jason Statham recently talked about his desire to work in the next installment of the Fast And Furious films, and although nothing is set in stone, Statham said he would definitely return for part eight.

“I’d certainly come back for the next movie, yeah,” Statham said.

When asked by a reporter if there was room for a sister in the Shaw family, Melissa McCarthy jumped in.

“Oh! Wait, I just perked up… I’m sure everyone goes right to me when they think of taking Vin Diesel.”

[Photo courtesy YouTube]