Hope Solo Arrest: Shocking New Details — Will Soccer Star Face World Cup Suspension?

Hope Solo, the 33-year-old star goalie for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, faced new allegations about the year-old domestic violence case against her on Sunday, the day before her team plays its first match of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament.

The shocking details emerged on an ESPN Outside the Lines investigative report which aired June 7, which featured the first public interview with Teresa Obert, 43, the half-sister of Hope Solo, who along with her son were the two alleged victims of what police say was a drunken, violent rampage by Solo on June 21 of last year.

ESPN uncovered new police documents that detail a torrent of verbal abuse spewed by Solo at law enforcement officers, in which she called one a “b***h,” and declared, “You know that if the handcuffs were off I’d kick your ass!”

When one officer asked her to remove a necklace, she told him that the necklace “was worth more than he makes in a year.”

Solo was suspended from the U.S. national women’s soccer team for 30 days earlier this year over an unrelated incident involving her husband, former NFL football player Jerramy Stevens, in which Solo also reportedly became verbally abusive to police officers.

But there has been no indication that Solo will be suspended in relation to the latest allegations.

Solo’s case was dismissed by a judge for what ESPN described as “procedural reasons,” but in February Solo gave an interview to ABC’s Good Morning America in which she said that it was her nephew who attacked her — and she claimed that the court cleared her of the charges.

“I was a victim of domestic violence,” Solo told GMA.

But ESPN reported that Solo was lying in that interview, and in other recent media coverage which has been described in the media as Solo’s “Redemption Tour” leading up the World Cup, based on new information not only from Obert, but from previously unreleased police documents.

“There was one problem, though, with Solo’s version… It wasn’t entirely accurate. In fact, as the 33-year-old Solo prepares to lead the United States into Monday’s opening-round match of the World Cup, her case is not over; the facts have never been aired in open court, and she has not been cleared.”

Solo claimed that her nephew, Obert’s son, attacked her and struck her on the head with a broomstick, causing a “pretty severe” concussion. But in the Outside the Lines interview, Obert alleged that her son struck Solo only to force him to stop punching her in the face repeatedly as the soccer star — and former Dancing With The Stars contestant — had her pinned to the floor.

The ESPN report that aired Sunday morning included police photos of Obert and her son taken the night of the incident, showing visible facial and head injuries. But police said that Solo did not appear to be hurt when they showed up.

The lawyer for Hope Solo told ESPN that Obert and her son “radically changed their stories,” and that her abusive tirade at police officers was behavior consistent with concussion symptoms, something he said would have been demonstrated had the case gone to trial.

[Image: Elsa / Getty Images]