'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe And Nick Viall's 'Explicit' Texts Revealed Amidst L.A. Hookup Rumors

Cheryl Phillips

Nick Viall joins the cast of The Bachelorette on Week 4 (June 8), but there is more to their relationship than Kaitlyn reveals to the 14 remaining guys who travel with her to New York City. Previews show a look of surprise on Kaitlyn's face when she sees Nick, but their passionate lip-lock on Chelsea Piers makes it clear that they are far from strangers.

According to Us Weekly's latest cover story, Nick "developed a crush" on Kaitlyn while she was on Chris Soules' season of the Bachelor, and they started talking right after the season ended. Nick's friend tells Us Weekly that the relationship between Nick and Kaitlyn quickly progressed from friends to much more, and frequently exchanged "hot and heavy texts."

"It was heavy, heavy flirtation... it bordered on explicit."

Although Bachelorette fans will see Kaitlyn tell the guys that she only contacted him "a few times" after Chris' season ended, Reality Steve states that they were texting, using FaceTime, and emailing each other "all the time" before she left to film the show.

According to Steve's source, the two did not meet in person before the show, but there are rumors that his source may be wrong. Nick traveled to L.A. in February when Kaitlyn was preparing to film the Bachelorette, and there is speculation that he convinced the show's producers to let him spend time alone with Kaitlyn before filming got underway.

During the episode that airs June 7, Kaitlyn not only downplays her pre-filming relationship with Nick, she sneaks off to spend time with him in New York City. The guys think she's filming an interview with producers (ITM), but instead, she's making out with the guy who is rumored to make it to the final rose ceremony.

Nick Viall's arrival on the show definitely turns things up a notch this season and seems to have an unfair advantage over the guys who have spent the first few episodes trying to impress Kaitlyn.

There are more twists and turns ahead, including Kaitlyn's confession that she slept with one guy on a date long before the Fantasy Suite dates. Reality Steve reveals that the guys on the show do not find this out until the show airs, but careful editing makes it look like she comes clean with her remaining guys.

Tune in to see what promises to be an interesting episode of the Bachelorette on Monday, June 8 at 8 p.m. ET. on ABC.

[Image: ABC]