Las Vegas Strip Club Ads Seeking High School Graduates Grab Lots Of Attention

A Las Vegas Strip Club ad reads, “Now auditioning the class of 2015” and another sign says, “Pay your way through college.” Some say it’s just the way of Vegas, and others say it’s just a shame.

Little Darlings, a strip club located near Interstate 15 and Charleston Boulevard, hasn’t been shy in stating just who it wants to work within its establishment. According to FOX 5, the marquee in front of the Las Vegas Strip Club advertises for women fresh out of high school. The manager of the strip club, Rick Marzullo, sees no issue.

“It fits in with Vegas. Vegas is always going to be Vegas,” he said.

While Las Vegas is certainly known for pushing the envelope or occasionally knocking it right off the table, not everyone in the area agrees that trying to hire young adults right out of high school to strip is the right message to send to young women.

Area resident Kayla Garninger told FOX 5 she thinks the strip club advertisements are offensive.

“You could completely change the route of a woman’s life, of a woman who’s trying to progress and go to college and make something of herself. I don’t agree with it at all.”

Marzullo thinks the life of a young woman could be changed positively because she could be making lots of cash, up to $1,000 per night, which could be used to pay for college tuition, according to the Associated Press.

“Hundreds that are either in college or that have worked their way through college [strip or have stripped], and like I said, without one penny of debt, not having to take out student loans, not having to borrow money from family or friends or taking out loans from banks.”

A comment from david on Yahoo reads, “Candy, 31 & mother of 3, is still working that ‘money for college’ gig.”

Howard Hendrickson commented on FOX 5’s article, saying, “I personally think there is nothing wrong with this. These women are adults and can make their own decisions. There is nothing wrong with stripping as a profession, whether temporary or long term. The pay is excellent, and many women go on to college and end up going back to stripping because it pays more than their major ever will. Stop shaming women who strip.”

No matter what others may think, Marzullo is convinced a young woman could be saved financially by stripping for the club.

“We all know the economy isn’t that great, [and] it’s hard to find jobs sometimes. This is an open door for young women 18 years old and up to come and make some good money.”

The ads in Las Vegas are seen by hundreds of passersby each day. It is unknown how many fresh high school graduates have applied at the Little Darlings strip club as a direct result of the ads.

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