Man Goes Broke After Paying Psychic $700,000 To Find Love, Lost Everything And Still No Love

An unnamed New York man has pressed charges against a psychic he says duped him out of over $700,000. The man says he went into Priscilla Delmaro’s fortunetelling shop, where she claimed she could speak with spirits. The man says that he loved a woman he met in Arizona, but she didn’t love him back. However, the fortuneteller allegedly told him that evil spirits were keeping them apart and that she could cleanse them and reconnect the man to the woman of his dreams. After over $700,000 worth of services and gifts to Delmaro that were needed to perform the “rituals,” the man still didn’t have his love. Therefore, in May, after losing his home, car and piling up $28,000 in debt, the man finally went to police.

The New York Times reports that a desperate man went to desperate measures to find a woman that he met in Arizona that he said was the one he loved. Unfortunately for the man, the woman didn’t share the same feelings. The jilted man wouldn’t give up so easily and sought help from psychic Priscilla Delmaro. Priscilla was more than happy to help the poor guy out and explained that the two were “twin flames” that were separated by “negativity.” She said that evil spirits were keeping them apart but, no worries, she could cleanse those away — for a price. The initial consultation and speaking with spirits cost the man $2,500, but his spirits were difficult to communicate with, so the second visit went to $9,000.

Cash wasn’t enough to battle the spirits that were tearing apart the man’s relationship, so Delmaro said she needed some diamonds to protect the man’s energy while she spoke with the spirits. A Tiffany engagement ring would work, and the psychic promised to give it back when the man finally married the woman they were seeking. Therefore, the man spent $40,064 on the Tiffany’s ring and gave it to the fortuneteller.

The spirits were being battled, so it was time for the man to go get back his lover. The psychic told him to fly to Los Angeles, where the woman lived, and to speak with her. The man bought the plane tickets and flew to L.A. where he called his lover, Michelle, and she agreed to meet up. However, at the last minute, she backed out, noting that the man was “acting strange.” The devastated man made his way back to New York and to Delmaro, who told him that the only explanation for the problems was a terrible spirit who was obviously stalking him. She needed two payments of $28,000 to do away with the spirit, and the man obliged.

Sadly, nothing seemed to work on these tough spirits, so the only way to keep them away was to fake the New York man’s death. The fake funeral cost $40,000, but didn’t fool this smart spirit. Therefore, Delmaro made another plan, but she needed an 80-mile bridge of gold for this feat. She requested $80,000 to build the golden bridge in the “other realm” so that she could lure the evil spirits back where they belong. As the man’s spirit walked slowly over the bridge, the psychic told the man that there was one other problem, Michelle had evil spirits of her own and she needed a 90-mile golden bridge. The man agreed and paid an additional $90,000 to build the second bridge.

After all the trials and steep payments, the man was no closer to his love and began to question the woman’s work. He called up Michelle and learned the devastating news that she had died of an apparent drug overdose back in February of 2014. The upset man told Delmaro of the devastation and she noted that Michelle’s evil spirits were too strong and finally killed her. However, she had one final solution for the man, she could reincarnate Michelle’s body into another woman’s body. More payouts later and Michelle was reincarnated, now the man just needed to find her. Off to L.A., but no “new” Michelle to be found.

After 20 months of payments and a $713,000 bill, the man finally realized that Delmaro wasn’t going to help him with his love life and the man went to the police. Grand larceny charges were filed and the psychic remains in jail, along with her companion, Bobby Evans.

Do you think the psychic deserves to be in jail? Or should the man take responsibility as he continued to give the woman money until he had completely dried his bank accounts and finances?

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