Couple Married On Plane To Seattle: Flight Attendants Assist, Plane Passengers Double As Wedding Guests

Recently, a couple got “married” on a plane to Seattle.

According to the New York Daily News, a JetBlue flight turned into an impromptu wedding when Dina Zawaski and Charles Belliveau were given an (unofficial) opportunity to tie the knot in the air.

“We hopped on a plane to Seattle and planned to secretly elope after road tripping down to San Diego, staying with (and surprising) friends along the way,” explained Dina.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it all started when Dina asked for a drink on the flight, joking that this was sort of her “bachelorette party.” The flight attendants thought it would be fun to have a wedding on board the flight — so they made it a celebration.

The couple who got married on the plane to Seattle had their love story go viral. While the flight attendants weren’t exactly qualified to officiate a wedding, they did the best they could to assist. Many of the passengers on board the flight seemed happy to be a part of this mile-high event, but there were some that looked annoyed — you can’t always please everyone, right?

According to the SpreadIt, no one knew about the couple’s plan to wed in California… other than Zawaski’s grandmother. However, they didn’t actually expect to have an impromptu wedding ceremony on the way to their actual wedding ceremony.

“I thought it’d be pretty cool just pretty quickly to have a fake airplane wedding. This is literally our first time – we have no idea what’s going on,” said a flight attendant named Chris. He said that he did his best to make this happen for the couple, and to get people involved — which wasn’t exactly easy.

“It was so hard to get them out of their seats, let me tell you. This is going to be very quick so you can get back to your televisions,” Chris explained.

After the couple said their “I do’s,” a plane passenger played the saxophone, and Dina and Chris had their first dance. The whole thing lasted about four minutes, and it is totally worth the watch (check out the video above).

The couple married on the plane to Seattle have set up a crowdsourcing account on to help pay for their honeymoon.

“Zawaski and Belliveau had been dating for about 10 years before hopping to Seattle to get wed. As they have a combined student debt of around $50,000 and are working for non-profit organizations, they opted for a non-elaborate ceremony when they finally got back on the ground,” reports the New York Daily News.

[Photo via YouTube]