Sit or Squat Toilet Locating App Cleans up with Charmin Sponsorship

Duncan Riley

Users of the Sit or Squat bathroom finding app (iphone and Blackberry) will will notice a comforting and highly appropriate message on the bottom of their screens today. Proctor & Gamble, makers of the bathroom tissue brand Charmin is now sponsoring the app. A Charmin logo now appears below your list of nearby toilets with the phrase "Gotta Go? Relax. We got your back."

In a recent press release, Brand Manager for Charmin, Jacques Hagopian says:

"Our goal is to connect Charmin with innovative conversations and solutions as a brand that understands the importance of bringing the best bathroom experience to consumers, even when they’re away from home, Helping people find a bathroom that is clean and comfortable is exactly what the SitOrSquat project is all about."

So far, SitOrSquat has included the locations of more than 52,000 toilets in 10 countries worldwide. It's available for both the iphone and Blackberry.

At the Sit or Squat website, visitors and fans of the app are also encouraged to submit new bathroom locations to be included in the lists.