'Entourage' Movie Sequel In The Works? Not So Fast

Entourage creator Doug Ellin wants nothing more than to see his favorite creations back on screen for a sequel to the movie adaption that hit theaters this week.

But did the Entourage movie do well enough at the box office to warrant a new chapter? While the movie came out of the gate to exceed expectations, as reported by Inquisitr, Deadline's Saturday numbers suggest otherwise.

"Let's look at Entourage in the No. 4 spot. It's been open for almost five days now which likely accounts for Saturday's flat attendance. The feature based on the popular HBO series started out front-loaded, driven by its fans, and then slowly but surely petered out. Attendance was a mirror-image of yesterday — grossing around $3.65M — to drop its FSS to around $10M and brings its five-day cume into the $17M+ range. We expect the numbers to be about the same in the morning."
Still, the movie has done well enough to at least discuss a possible sequel. Ellin spoke to Zap2it about his wish list for the next Entourage film, which includes bringing back stunning actress Carla Gugino.

"Not that she needs [the role] but is one of the greats," Ellin said. "To get her in this stuff is great and hopefully we'll find something for her if we do the sequel."

Ellin also further speculates that if a sequel were to happen, the happy ending of the first film would invariably have to take a hit.

"That's how life is. Everything seems great. That's especially how Hollywood is. Everything seems great, then it goes to s***."
One easy target for the Entourage sequel would easily be Turtle, who left the show as a millionaire, doing quite well for himself, when the movie takes place. Jerry Ferrara, who plays Turtle, knows that could be a major plot point in the next film.

"I would worry about Turtle keeping his money," he said. "Like, he really starts to think he's Marc Cuban and risks it all on a tech company."

Regardless of whether there's a sequel or not, the return to the screen for the four boys from Queens has certainly met fan expectations. The movie has gotten an A- from CinemaScore, and everyone from the cast was happy to be back. Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays E's love interest, Sloan, summed it up quite nicely to Esquire recently.

"You could keep going, easily. People love watching these guys. They can't get enough. It's a comedy. You forget and when you see them again you fall in love with them all over again, like 'I missed that!' "
[Entourage photo credit: Ethan Miller / Getty Images]