'GTA V' Update Adds New Items Online, But No New Heists

New content is headed to Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer version of GTA V. Titled "Ill-Gotten Gains," the update will arrive in two parts. The first part of the update is coming next week, but there have been no details shared yet on Part Two.

Part One of the GTA update, which arrives June 10 on all platforms all at the same time, adds new clothes, weapons, cars, and even solid gold airplanes and helicopters.

In the release detailing the GTA Online update, Rockstar said the items are a reaction to players wanting more items to spend their money on in GTA V.

"Due to a surge in high-end crime across southern San Andreas, demand for luxury goods and services is at an all-time high. Upscale merchants of all kinds are scrambling to fill their inventories to serve the newly wealthy. The first of two major deliveries this summer will be hitting the showrooms of luxury car dealerships, the shelves of top arms suppliers and other prestigious retailers in June."

While there was speculation this update would come in the form of a GTA-themed casino heist, Rockstar only indicates the update adds items that players can purchase and says nothing about new missions.

GTA Online heists launched in March, and gamers have been planning and executing major takedowns and bringing in a lot of in-game cash. While many gamers have done these missions over and over again at this point and are clamoring for new content in GTA, they have also made a lot of in-game money and need something to spend it on. This update looks to address that, and Rockstar still has not indicated what Part Two of the GTA Online update will add. Part Two could add new missions or heists, but nothing has been confirmed.

While gamers welcome new content to GTA Online, many people are still waiting for a content update to the single player version of the game as well. While this update may be coming soon, nothing is official just yet. There were rumblings in May that the Casino-themed content, thought to be appearing in the GTA Online update, may actually be coming to GTA V single player mode.

GTA V launched originally in September 2013 (and was re-released later to PS4, Xbox One, and PC) but has never seen a content update to the base game. GTA V has sold over 52 million copies.

[Image via Rockstar / Cinema Blend]