Suicide Victim Who Cheated Death Can No Longer Feel Sadness Or Anxiety


When it comes to attempting suicide, the worst result is usually failing, which can leave a person in a significantly worse state than they were before they tried to take their own life.

One harrowing example of this is 20-year-old Samuel Bishop, a former plasterer from Plymouth in the UK, who got so depressed that he attempted to take his life, leaving him with brain damage and unable to walk. However, the only silver lining for Bishop is the fact that his brain damage means that he can no longer feel sadness or anxiety.

As Luke Griggs from Headway, a brain injury association in Britain, said, “Every brain injury is unique and it is very difficult to predict how someone’s personality may change following injury.”

For his part, Bishop, who is bound to a wheelchair, told reporters in the UK, “I’ve got no idea how to be negative now and can’t feel sadness so life can be quite strange at times. I hit rock bottom and was in a very bad place. When my mum found me, I was in a dreadful state and it took me a long time to recover. What I did wasn’t the right way to go about the solving problems I had. My life is getting much better now – it hasn’t broken me, I’m recovering and I will go on to help other people.”

In adding to that, Bishop, who obviously regrets the suicide attempt, said, “Sometimes I can find myself smiling even when I know I shouldn’t look happy but I can’t control it. Then I smile even more and then start laughing because I’m trying to stop myself from smiling.”

Following his failed suicide attempt, Bishop explained, “I had to learn how to walk, talk and do other basic actions again.”

His sister, Cara, as well as the rest of his family, was devastated by the failed suicide attempt.

“At first he couldn’t even move his eyes now we’re just amazed he’s overcome all the obstacles in his way. He was so determined to defy the doctors, who told him it would take two years before he could walk — and he did it.”

While life is far from perfect and will never be the same for Bishop, the fact he no longer feels sadness or anxiety is a good thing. He can’t even remember what he was so sad about in the first place that led him to attempt suicide.

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