Zayn Malik Signs With New Label? Thanks To ‘Talk Dirty’?

Since Zayn Malik quit One Direction, fans have been patiently waiting to see which direction his career will take next. If Yahoo Celebrity U.K. is correct, it appears that the answers about Zayn Malik’s future are coming soon — and it may be due to a favor Zayn Malik once did for a fellow star.

Sadly, Zayn Malik appears to be having a hard time in his life — if you believe the headlines. For example, Zayn Malik dyed his hair green and was allegedly booed at the One Direction concert in Cardiff on June 5.

The next day, One Direction denied that they personally booed Zayn Malik — and placed the blame solely on rude fans. About the incident, MTV News states the following.

“It was the boys’ first U.K. show sans Zayn Malik, and his absence was definitely felt — especially when his face appeared on the big screen, igniting a whirlwind of feels that resulted in some fans misbehaving… As the Vine below shows, several pouty fans started booing in response to seeing him on the big screen.”

However, it appears that Zayn Malik has bigger fish to fry. On June 6, Yahoo Celebrity U.K. tweeted about Zayn Malik, stating, “Jason Derulo just dropped a major hint that he’s signing Zayn Malik to his record label! This is not a drill!”

They also tagged the Summertime Ball in the tweet.

Who is Jason Derulo in relation to Zayn Malik? As it appears, Jason Derulo and Zayn Malik are hardly strangers — and Derulo may be returning a favor to Zayn.

Zayn Malik and Jason Derulo were pictured together in September 2014 partying, and the Daily Mail captured their hangout. Regardless, the origins of Zayn Malik’s relationship with Jason Derulo go back to One Direction Day in November 2013.

Billboard Magazine states that the band decided to include Jason Derulo’s song “Talk Dirty” as a part of One Direction Day. Zayn Malik and One Direction fans posted multiple short videos online of their version of Derulo’s song — and Derulo gained significant popularity.

Billboard Magazine said Derulo’s rise in popularity could be partially due to “The One Direction Effect.” With that in mind, could fans speculate that this might be the reason Derulo is helping out Zayn Malik with a record label contract?

Recent news for Jason Derulo that may affect Zayn Malik is that Derulo is doing a U.K. tour in 2016. Derulo, like One Direction, is also topping the Billboard charts in the month of June.

What record label of Jason Derulo’s will Zayn Malik be joining? Since 2009, Derulo’s recording label, Beluga Heights, has been owned by Warner Brothers.

Will Zayn Malik join Derulo for the tour? The Mirror U.K. stated on June 6 that the tour will begin January 24 and continue with with seven concerts until February 5.

For now, the world waits for Yahoo Celebrity U.K. to clarify the allegations they made about Zayn Malik getting signed to Jason Derulo’s label.

As far as upcoming music goes, Zayn Malik’s fiance says she would love to do a collaboration with her beau. What will the song be about? Hints can be drawn from an interview about Zayn Malik transcribed from a print-only edition of the Daily Mirror.

As reported by TV3, Perrie Edwards of Little Mix said about Zayn Malik, “If you could still see yourself living in a cardboard box with somebody with no money then that is love you know, it’s what’s important.”

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