Lil Wayne’s #FWA Released On Tidal?

Lil Wayne fans that have been holding their breath about the #FWA (Free Weezy Album) might finally have a chance to come up for air… maybe. But is Tidal the format for the #FWA release?

Although Lil Wayne has done some spring cleaning with his Instagram account, he tends to post a #FWA hashtag when he is working on the new album.

As previously posted by the Inquisitr, around May 15, Lil Wayne posted a picture of him holding a Bolthouse Farms juice with a caption that stated, “We stayin’ healthy” along with a #FWA hashtag.

Since mid-May, that Instagram post has been removed, but Lil Wayne is still teasing fans that #FWA is on its way. Lil Wayne’s most recent #FWA post on Instagram is from June 3 and it is in conjunction with a new song from Lil Wayne called “Glory.”


This is good news for Lil Wayne fans since he announced that he would release the #FWA starting in early February. Billboard Magazine posted about Lil Wayne’s #FWA album and stated that this was to be released in the near future.

Each month, Lil Wayne fans were told that next month would be the time for the #FWA to drop — but then the promises stopped. Did Lil Wayne have a good reason to stop promising the #FWA would be released?

Lil Wayne recently took over as co-owner of Tidal, and he followed Jay Z’s lead by only releasing new music on Tidal. When Lil Wayne posted about his new song “Glory,” he also tagged #FWA and #Tidal.

MStarz was one of many that felt Lil Wayne was dropping a hint about #FWA by mentioning it with the #Tidal and #Glory hashtags. MStarz states, “Apparently, ‘Glory’ will be a single featured on the upcoming Free Weezy Album.”

Also supporting the suspicions that the #FWA will be dropped by Lil Wayne on Tidal in the near future is Complex. They state the following about how Jay Z makes it easy for Lil Wayne to legally do this.

“With Lil Wayne’s current label situation in flux, the decision to release the song on Tidal is very interesting, especially since Jay Z previously said that artists don’t need a record label to be on the streaming service.”

In other words, is it truly a stretch of the imagination to assume that the long-anticipated #FWA will be released by Lil Wayne’s new Tidal online streaming music service?

In the meantime, Lil Wayne fans will have to accept a “sorry for the wait” response.

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