Whitney Houston And Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: New Book Reveals Drug Use And Bisexual Relationship

A new book that focuses on Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston indicates unpleasant details about the young reality star and her late mother. According to the author, Bobbi Kristina went down a wrong path many years ago.

The New York Daily News reports that Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, a new investigative book written by Ian Halperin, reveals gritty information on Bobbi Kristina's life as a young teenager. Starting at age 14, she allegedly began using drugs and exhibiting suicidal signs.


Halperin credits his information from talking to family members and friends close to Houston and Bobby Brown, 46, Bobbi's Kristina's father who, according to the book, was too wrapped in drugs to be a proper dad.

The book also indicates that Houston, who was heavily into drugs herself, left a young Bobbi Kristina to fend for herself for numerous years until she divorced Brown in 2007.

Whitney Houston

By the time the divorce happened, however, Bobbi Kristina was already a teenager and was reportedly already accustomed to her motherless lifestyle for things to turn better. Ann Davis, a relative of the Brown family, indicates that a young Bobbi Kristina was sent to a psychiatric hospital at age 15 after trying to stab Houston before attempting to cut her own wrists.

Halperin also indicates that a strong friendship between Houston and Robyn Crawford, an openly gay marketing consultant that Houston met as a teen, was never allowed to grow. In turn, according to Halperin, this may have set the stage for Houston's drug abuse.

Yet the rumors continued to spread, and people began saying that the friends were having a love affair, although the claims were never substantiated. Bobby Brown, however, indicated in his 2013 memoir, Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But,, that perhaps Houston married him to squash the speculations.

"The media was accusing her of having a bisexual relationship with her assistant. In Whitney's situation, the only solution was to get married and have kids."
Whether Houston married only to stop the rumors, however, is unclear, but Halperin goes on to say that no matter what caused Houston's drug use, it left Bobbi Kristina depressed and on drugs herself. Bobbi Kristina was allegedly seen at a few parties snorting cocaine while Houston was on tour.
"Seventeen-year-old Bobbi was left to her own devices in Atlanta, where she had taken up with a hard-partying crowd, including the boy who had moved into her house three years earlier, Nick Gordon."
Halperin also touches on the subject of Nick Gordon and how the media fed lies to the public for many years. The book expresses that Gordon was not a homeless 12-year-old boy when he moved in with Whitney Houston, but an 18-year-old who was kicked out of his home.

Gordon, who remains under investigation regarding the January 31 incident, was friends with the then 15-year-old Bobbi Kristina. She pleaded with her mother Houston to allow Gordon to stay with them.

After the January 31 event that left Bobbi Kristina comatose in her own bathtub, rumors of attempted suicide arose, specifically from Gordon's brother, Jack Walker. Although Walker never stated he knew for sure that Bobbi Kristina was trying to kill herself, he did say he had a feeling that she was attempting suicide.

"I just feel like she… she just was fed up with everything that's going on in her life."
In the new book, however, Halperin indicates that what may have happened is something known as "the plunge," in which someone who overdosed on drugs is plunged into cold water. Bobbi Kristina and Gordon frequently threw parties at their townhouse and associated with people who used drugs, according to a friend.
"The crowd she hung out with was out of control. The past couple of years she hung with a bunch of crazies, they were wild and reckless."
It's important to note that Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame is unauthorized, meaning Bobbi Kristina did not help with story or contribute any facts, nor did Houston before she passed.

Family members of Whitney Houston reiterate that the focus should remain on prayers and support for Bobbi Kristina Brown and her current medical condition. She remains in a long-term medical rehabilitation center in Atlanta.

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