Ji Sung And Lee Bo Young: K-Drama Stars Reveal They Are Expecting A Baby Girl

For the latter half of 2014 up until now, K-drama fans have been following the latest news pertaining to Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s first baby. Since making it known they were having a bundle of joy, Ji and Lee have taken to the news to share certain parts of their pregnancy. Back in April for example, Ji and Lee held a baby shower, chronicling the event through pictures uploaded on Instagram, as reported by DramaFever.

Now, Ji Sung recently announced the gender of his and Lee Bo Young’s unborn baby during a television interview appearance. They are both having a baby girl.

Kim Kwang Kyu
Kim Kwang Kyu, one of the cast members of "Three Meals a Day"

According to Hankyung, through Kdrama Stars, Ji Sung was a guest on the June 5, 2015 episode of Three Meals a Day. During the show, Ji met up with one of the show’s cast members, Kim Kwang Kyu, since they both have met before on the set of the hit K-drama I Can Hear Your Voice. Kim was playing Judge Kim Gong Sook when he first met Ji, who was visiting his wife, Lee Bo Young, who played Jan Hye Sung, on set.

Nevertheless, the two actors continued their friendly banter. Kim Kwang Kyu first asked Ji Sung if his baby has arrived yet. Eventually, Kim would continuously prod Ji on the baby’s gender. Ji eventually gave in and revealed that he and Lee Bo Young are having a girl.

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are expected to have their baby girl sometime near the end of June. Also, the fact that Three Meals a Day is able to find out such news through their candidness may be a factor why the show continues to increase in ratings. The June 5, 2015 episode with Ji Sung recorded a 9.1 percent of cable viewers across South Korea. That is good given the fact the episode followed right after the guest appearance of South Korea’s hottest female K-drama star today, Park Shin Hye.

[Featured Image via Grazia, Post Image via AsianWiki]