One Direction Adds New Member, Betrays ‘Smelly’ Niall?

One Direction has had a busy week with playing two shows in Cardiff, Wales, in England on June 5 and 6. However, One Direction still had time to play the Summertime Ball — and made a few interesting revelations in interviews about Niall Horan.

The big rumor that is going around about One Direction is that the band will take a break in 2016 — but they are mostly denying that accusation. At the Summertime Ball, before One Direction performed, Liam Payne told the audience the following about the rumored breakup.

“We don’t know where that came from because we’ve got loads of stuff going on. We have just started the process for recording the new album, we’ve got a whole new tour going on, there are some really good songs so I don’t think we are going anywhere for a while.”

As for rumors that One Direction will be adding a new member to replace Zayn Malik — that allegation has recently been denied…but did they change their minds?

After the Summertime Ball, the Daily Mail suggested that the band might have a new member for One Direction after all. According to their report, Brooklyn Beckham was backstage at the Summertime Ball and was posing with One Direction for pictures.

The Daily Mail posted a headline suggesting that Brooklyn Beckham was perhaps a fifth member of One Direction. As it turns out, this headline was a tease because they clarified this by stating in the article that “Brooklyn could have easily been mistaken as the fifth new member as he looked just as cool as the pop sensations dressed in a white T-shirt and skintight jeans.”

Although One Direction may not be adding a fifth member to the group, they did have plenty of new gossip to share about each other. For example, in a Capital FM interview during the day of the Summertime Ball, One Direction members allegedly sussed out one bandmate as particularly “smelly.”

One Direction also predicted the last person to get married in the band and who would spend all of their One Direction money within the next 20 years.

In the Capital FM interview on June 6, Louis Tomlinson said he thinks Niall Horan stinks up the One Direction tour bus the most. Louis Tomlinson also said that Niall Horan would be the last person in One Direction to get married.

While it appears that the interview with One Direction was actually about Louis Tomlinson trying to get Niall Horan’s goat, Louis was also able to make fun of himself. When the interviewer asked which member of One Direction would spend all their money first, Louis Tomlinson said, “without hesitation,” that it would be him.

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