Terrie Sena, Adult Involved In Child Sex And Torture Ring, Sentenced To Life: Justice?

Terrie Sena, a 43-year-old Las Vegas woman, is going to prison for life. The sentence was handed down after it was determined that she had taken apart in a child sex and torture ring allegedly ran by Christopher Sena, 47.

Sena’s current wife, Deborah, 50 — Terrie is his ex — is also facing charges that include multiple counts of sexual abuse.

According to a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Christopher allegedly coerced the two women into having sex with as many as eight children under the guise of terroristic threatening. They would also have to force the children to have sex with animals, the report said.

At least some of the children, however, would rather Terrie Sena and Deborah, the latter of whom was partly responsible for going to police, be shown leniency.

In the Journal report, one of them wrote, “Our father is in jail, where he belongs,” but Deborah and Terrie “continue to be victims of the state. And the absence of our mothers continues to victimize us kids.”

That didn’t cut it with Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa, however.

In a ruling instructing the jury to decide on charges for Deborah, she had this to say.

“The defense of duress does not negate a defendant’s criminal state of mind when the applicable offense requires the defendant to have acted knowingly or willfully.”

Christopher Sena will reportedly appear in court on July 13, and if convicted, he will be facing multiple charges that carry with them a life sentence.

Given the outcome for Terrie Sena, many are expecting that a conviction would mean no possibility of parole. (Terrie could be eligible in 10 years. Meanwhile, Deborah faces 28 charges.)

Unfortunately, no matter what happens on the legal side, the children whose ages and identities were not disclosed, will have to wrestle with this in counseling for some time to come.

The abuse reportedly went on for more than 10 years, during which Christopher Sena would allegedly produce videos of the sickening acts for commercial distribution to porn collectors.

The events are said to have occurred in the trio’s trailer park, where Christopher would allegedly control most of the adult women’s movements.

What do you think about predators like this, and do you think that Terrie Sena should have gotten life in prison if it’s true that she was coerced into committing these crimes? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via KVVU]