Bullied Boy With Cancer Severely Beaten, Left Unconscious, Gets Suspended By School

Julia Morales is absolutely fed up with the formidable treatment her son has suffered at the hands of several vicious bullies at Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, NJ.

According to My-9 NJ, Morales’ cancer-stricken, 16-year-old son has allegedly been mistreated for quite some time. The relentless torment and taunting initially began with verbal abuse. The boy was allegedly nicknamed “cancer-boy,” “cancer kid,” and a number of other unpleasantries. But things took a disturbing turn when the bullying escalated to a physical attack. The boy was brutally beaten and found unconscious lying on a bathroom floor at the school. However, that’s not all.

In addition to the horrific beating that took place in September of 2014, school officials reportedly decided to suspend him for three days following the altercation. No further details have been released explaining why the school made the decision to reprimand her son. Of course, she wasn’t very pleased with the controversial directive.

During a recent interview with the local news station, Morales voiced her frustrations and revealed no one came to her son’s defense. It has also been reported that a video of the attack does exist, but no faculty members or students have come forward with the footage.

“And that’s when I told the principal, what do you want me to do? What kind of evidence do you want me to show? There’s no one coming forward for him,” Morales cried.

Now she’s seeking justice and wants the Carlstadt-East Rutherford Regional School District and school administrators to be held accountable for failure to protect her son. Her attorney, Pat Gesualdo, has released a statement about the incident. They are demanding the Department of Justice and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office open a full criminal and civil rights investigation against several faculty members and the New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner, David Hespe.

“I summarize it as evil, and horrible against these kids, and she doesn’t want money- nobody wants money, we just want justice,” Gesualdo said. “Look what they’ve done. We can prove every fact that we’ve said and it’s all in black and white.”

According to NewJersey.com, the boy suffered a contusion as a result of blunt force trauma during the attack. He was also diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and frequently suffers severe headaches associated with depression and anxiety.

Although the incident has not received much news coverage, it’s definitely caught the attention of social media users who have taken to Reddit to voice their opinions about the incident. An overwhelming number of users agreed the incident needs to be further investigated, but since the details released are scarce due to confidentiality, it’s still relatively difficult to determine whether or not the school’s punishment was justifiable. However, school board attorney Marc Zitomer argues that the school “responded appropriately” with the actions that were taken.

“As I am sure you are aware, there is very little we can say about confidential pupil matters. However, I can say that the Administration responded appropriately and in strict compliance with the law in how it dealt with the matter.”

What do you think about the school’s decision to suspend Morales’ son? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Safety Web]