'Yes, I Did Kill Her!': Outburst By Mom Accused Of Torturing And Murdering Kids

"Yes, I did kill her," screamed Mitchelle Blair, 35, during her custody trial.

Blair, accused of torturing and killing her daughter, 13-year-old Stoni Blair, and her son, 9-year-old Stephen Berry, grew agitated during the custody case for her two remaining children. She began screaming at the present fathers.

Showing no remorse for killing her children, Mitchelle Blair screamed about how the fathers were never there for their kids. That they was a terrible people and didn't deserve custody.

As she was being removed from the courtroom earlier in the day, she screamed, "yes, I did kill her!" After attacking the fathers she added, "I did it! I never tried to say I didn't. I did it! But that does not negate the fact that they were never there for their children."

Earlier in the day, a recording of an interview held with Blair's 8-year-old son was played. He was asked about what he knew about how Stoni and Stephen were killed. He answered that he had seen his mother kill them.

Then, too, Blair seemed unable to sit by without an outburst.

Blair insisted that "he didn't see me kill Stephen because it was unintentional," seeming to think it would help her case.

The interview shined some light onto the home life of all four of Blair's children.

Abuse accusations piled up as the boy stated that Stoni was choked, burned, and killed by being suffocated with a bag while Stephen had boiling water poured on him, was choked with a belt and was also killed by suffocation.

Stephen and Stoni

He stated that the surviving siblings were also abused. The 17-year-old girl was hit in the head with a hammer and he was beaten with cords and sexually abused.

After Stoni and Stephen were killed, Blair was accused of putting them in plastic bags and stuffing them in the freezer.

During her outburst, she insisted that she never denied killing the children.

Mitchelle Blair is due back in court after a competency evaluation for her criminal case. Meanwhile, Michigan's Department of Human Services is attempting to remove parental rights from Blair and the children's fathers.

The children's fathers, Alexander Dorsey and Stephen Berry, Sr., both owe large amounts of child support and almost never saw their children.

It is believed that Mitchelle Blair killed her son, Stephen, in 2012 and killed her daughter, Stoni, in 2013. That means she and her two other children were living in the same home as the deceased kids for over a year. The bodies were found on March 24, 2015, while authorities were serving an eviction notice.

Her two remaining children have been staying with a family member.

[ Imaged Courtesy of Detroit Free Press and NBC ]