Justin Bieber Debuts 'RickTheSizzler' Snapchat Adventures With Jaxon, Cody Simpson & More

Justin Bieber was in the mood to share on Saturday after Sk8er Boi fun the day before.

A full on blitz ensued after the superstar made good on last week's Instagram teaser and revealed his "rickthesizzler" Snapchat. Cody Simpson makes an appearance in a hilarious rock 'n' roll skit amid the posts. A day later the Biebs tweeted, "Watch me and my bro on snapchat," adding, "rickthesizzler."

It's likely Justin probably has a private Snapchat and created a brand new account just for his fans. Online chatter indicates Beliebers are thrilled with the deluge of Snapchat stories the heartthrob rolled out.

The "Where Are U Now" singer posted his first story on his Instagram account as well as his Snapchat.

1: "Add my snapchat rickthesizzler ).

Justin wrote that caption alongside a video of a pretty blonde model resting on a mattress. "I want this girl's job. Her job is just photograph on comfy things," he wrote.

Same Biebs. Same.

2: Golf, anyone?

Justin is heard saying "'Bout to hit the golf course" off camera, before asking his five-year-old brother Jaxon -- who is currently staying with his elder sibling in Los Angeles, "Are you driving?"

An affirmative response followed from the little boy.

3: Golfing action commences.

4: "Crushing it."

"I'm out here on the course absolutely crushing it," Justin says to camera.

Evidence for this is provided by a golfing buddy in the background agreeing "That's right," while Jaxon does that thing little siblings do and repeats what his brother says.

5: Jaxon. Cheerleading game, strong.

Jaxon is heard chanting "Go Justin. Go Justin!" while the Biebs lines up a shot and hits it.

6: "Life is not bad."

That was the life affirming observation Justin makes during a camera pan of the peaceful golf course.

Does golfing help the singer get in touch with his spiritual side?

7: The Biebs putts a golf ball.

Exactly what it says on the tin.

8: "Can I just poo in the water?"

Mercifully, this question is asked by Jaxon not Justin. The Biebs' incredulous repeat of that query suggests that course of action was not taken.

9: Jaxon steps up.

"Jaxon, are you about to shoot or what?" Justin asks the cutie. This is met with "Yeah, I'm about to... [indecipherable, possibly, "do this."]

"A'right, kill it," the Biebs replies.

10: Jaxon is not amused.

Every younger sibling knows this one. You say something of deep significance. Much taller people around you laugh. And you're so over it already.

Whatever it was Jaxon said, he is seen pouting while telling Justin and whoever else was around, "Guys. You're mean 'cause you're laughing at me."

An off-camera Justin gently assures him, "We're not laughing at you. We're laughing with you."

11: Jaxon is all smiles again when his joke lands.

"Something came in the mail today," the five-year-old begins.

To which, Justin dutifully asks, "What?".

"He said, "'Get out of here!'" Jaxon quips, as his audience cracks up laughing.

12: Swimming pool hijinks. Literally.

Jaxon is heard chanting," Joe, do it! Joe, do it!" as Justin's pal prepares to high jump from a balcony of the Biebs' Los Angeles home into a pool below.

"Let's go," the Biebs chimes in, out of shot.

13: Electric guitar jam.

Justin plays along to a backing track on an electric guitar, which makes a change from his usual acoustic preference.

14: Ditto.

15: Skateboard shenanigans.

Justin's IO HAWK gets the night off as he takes to the mean streets on his skateboard.

16: Ditto.

17: Fine dining and a tipple..

Amid the sounds of a busy restaurant and the company of friends, Justin takes a sip of red wine and declares, "It's the Pinot Noir."


18: Pastor Chad Veach hams it up.

Pastor Chad Veach of the Seattle-based The City Church larks around in a restaurant.

19: "Say what up to the Snap."

Justin jokingly instructs Hillsong Church NYC's Pastor Joel Houston to "Say what up to the snap." Houston does so, adding the peace sign for good measure.

20: "Get on the Snap"

Snapchat is definitely Justin's fave social media of choice right now, because here is yet another clip of the singer whispering to Veach to, "Get on the snap. Get on the snap."

21: Jerry

More dining malarkey. It turns out, Jerry (whoever that is), is either late or not coming.

22: Justin tells a fib.

The Biebs shouts-out "Hillsong United's" Christian gospel album -- which has just cracked the Top 5 on Billboard's 200 album chart -- enthusing to Houston, "Yo, the United album's so good bro."

At that point a waitress tells Justin that he can't take pictures in the restaurant. The kidder replies, "Hey man, we're not even doing. It's not even pictures. It's not a video either."

Pinocchio would be proud Biebs!

23: Creed revival.

"If you want to listen to real rock 'n' roll, listen to Creed," Justin solemnly advises in Cody Simpson's Snapchat story.

Cue a hammy Creed rendition from a friend and a slightly worse-for-wear Cody chiming in with, "Nirvana's my life, mom!"

24: Another part of the same rock 'n' roll story

Justin uploaded another segment of the boys pretending to be rock 'n' roll die-hards to his own Snapchat.

At one point Cody mimics a hypothetical interviewer asking about "people being worried about your new sound and style."

To which, Simpson joked, " I just want to f------ rock 'n' roll man!"

25: "It's not a phase, mom!"

Another part of the rock 'n' roll story pops up on Cody's snapchat. All of which, either takes place at the restaurant, Mike Stud's house party, or at the 1Oak nightclub, where the crew were later spotted before going on to Shots app co-founder John Shahidi's property.

The Biebs' hat is off, revealing a Flock of Seagulls-type hairstyle as he comically declares, "Mom, it's not a phase! It's not a phase! It's not a phase, mom!"

This comes in response to Cody hammily saying "Nirvana's my life mom!" followed by his similar declaration that "U2's my f------ life. Slipknot man!"

Meanwhile, Justin intones, "I love rock 'n' roll."

26: "Boy time."

Major cuteness arrived in a Sunday morning Snapchat story. Justin is seen in lying in bed with Jaxon saying, "We having some boy time right now?"

The little boy replies, "Yeah! What's going to happen after?" as the Biebs tells him, "Alright, let's do it."

Mesmerizingly sweet.

27: "I'm the sizzler"

Later Sunday, the brothers set out for Venice Beach and Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. In one video, the singer asks Jaxon," Who's the sizzler?"

Mean-mugging for the camera, Jaxon answers, "I'm the sizzler!"

28: "What's Up? Rick The Sizzler Here."

Justin introduces his "rickthesizzler" persona on camera for the very first time. A rhetorical query followed.

"Yo, how come this is the first song that plays when everyone's iPod turns on?" the Biebs asks over opening bars of music.

29: Start 'em young

Justin is passing on his love of hip hop love to Jaxon. The little boy gets his groove on to O.T. Genasis' 2014 hit "CoCo."

30: Out of the mouths of babes.

In another video, Jaxon is seen informing Justin that "Hugo [Hesny, who is one of Bieber's bodyguards] is a bad driver."

After Justin enquires why, his brother --- speaking in a lowered voice, while gesturing with a smashing movement -- tells him, "Because he bashed the [indicipherable.]"

31: "Rick The Sizzler" and "The Real Sizzler."

According to the brothers, Justin is "Rick The Sizzler" but Jaxon is "The Real Sizzler."

32: The things you see on Venice Beach

A trip to Venice Beach included an unintentionally hilarious near-miss snafu involving the singer coming across a couple sunbathing as he walked along the beach.

Unaware that Justin was standing behind them, the guy (in the couple) is seen seemingly moving his hand toward his crotch, while an off-camera Biebs desperately mutters, "Nope, nope. Please, no."

33: Taylor Metzner: Model, blogger, Vine personality.

While at the beach, Justin and Jaxon rode IO Hawk transporters and hung out with Taylor Metzner, whom the Biebs gave some assistance to with the device she rode.

The following video was not posted to Justin's Snapchat.

Eyewitnesses also spotted the trio on the beach and posted pics online.

34: "My Name's chubby."

After the beach, time for lunch at Mastro's. While at their table, the singer amused Jaxon with the classic ditty, "My dad's chubby, my mom's chubby, even my dog's chubby." [sic]

35: "What did you put in it?"

Ever wondered what kind of cocktails children would make? Jaxon made a concoction for the ages for his brother to consume. The Biebs asks the younger prankster, "Alright, so I'm about to drink this drink. What did you put in it?"

Sheer delight plays across Jaxon's face as he reeled off, "I put butter, salt, sugar, bread, lemon and..." before someone in the background adds, "shrimp."

36: Meet the Maybach.

The Biebs loves his rides.

We hear the 21-year-old crooning about his Maybach cruiser. "Sitting in a brand new 2015 Maybach," Justin sings, before adding "You know that I'm on that no s*** and my seats go way back."

"Look at how far back they go?" The hitmaker marvels, while demonstrating.

37: Fun with fans

There was time for an impromptu meet and greet with fans (who regularly track the singer around Los Angeles) when Justin left Mastro's.

A fan-obtained video reveals Justin admitting he has "deformed pinkies" and shooting the breeze while posing for selfies with the girls.

Turning up.

38: Hillsong Church

The Biebs was later spotted at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, which he regularly attends.

After his marathon week with Jaxon -- which included a trip to Disneyland, and the huge party in Canada that Justin threw for his younger sister Jazmyn's seventh birthday --- it's safe to assume the singer is winning all the big brother awards.

Until the next installments of Snapchat adventures, Justin Bieber fans have plenty to keep them sated in the meantime.

[Images via Snapchat/Twitter]