Leonardo DiCaprio Sues Magazine For Claiming He Got Rihanna Pregnant

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly sued a French magazine for claiming that Rihanna is pregnant with his child.

TMZ reports that the magazine’s cover story for one of its May issues declared that the 40-year-old actor got the 27-year-old singer pregnant. The spin that the magazine apparently placed on the story was that Leonardo DiCaprio refuses to claim the unborn child as his own.

DiCaprio’s attorney stated in the filed court documents that the rumored report is “pure fantasy.”

TMZ further reports that DiCaprio’s team initially reached out to the people working behind the scenes of the French magazine in reference to the story. However, they reportedly did not react very well to the conversation.

“We’re told the mag’s response went something like… yeah, we know and we don’t care.”

In an interview with Gossip Cop, Oops magazine owner Frederic Truskolaski confirmed that his team knew that the story was not true. His team assumed that Leonard DiCaprio and Rihanna were together because of the numerous stories claiming they were a couple. Frederic also confirmed that they did not know if Rihanna was even pregnant at all.

“We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course.”

The report further claims that the Wolf of Wall Street actor is not just suing the French magazine for its false claim about the pregnancy. The magazine is also being sued under the strict right to privacy laws which are enforced in France.

According to the lawsuit, the magazine did not have the right to print any information about Leonardo DiCaprio or to publish multiple paparazzi photos of the Oscar-nominated actor in public.

DiCaprio is reportedly seeking the maximum amount in damages allowed by French law – 18,000 euros ($20,000 USD). However, if the magazine does not print a retraction of its original story on a future cover, Leonardo’s team has also asked the court to add a fine of 10,000 euros ($11,100 USD) to the total.

In recent months, there have been numerous reports circulating about Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna dating.

Neither Leonardo DiCaprio nor Rihanna has confirmed to the public the status of their relationship. While Rihanna has been mostly public with her past love life in the limelight, Leonardo DiCaprio has been known to take a more secretive approach away from the public eye.

[Image Credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]