Is Louis Tomlinson Getting A Kiss From Fifth Harmony Or L.A.?

Louis Tomlinson has been constantly in motion over the first week of June, and it appears that it might be taking its toll. But is romance the reason that Louis Tomlinson has been burning the candle at both ends -- and is he in love with Fifth Harmony or a mysterious stranger in Los Angeles?

At the Cardiff, Wales, concerts in England, Louis Tomlinson appeared worn out on stage. Regardless, the Daily Mail U.K. suggested, "He may have had a string of late nights recently, but Louis Tomlinson had the sparkle back in his step as he hit the stage for the first night of band's 2015 Europe Tour."

But could all of these late nights and trans-world flights to Los Angeles from England be due to a new love in his life?

The rumors about Louis Tomlinson having a new girlfriend are ongoing -- but could they be true this time? After all, this is the second time in the past two weeks that Louis Tomlinson has flown to Los Angeles for a few days.

Could the new love of Louis Tomlinson's life be living in Los Angeles -- or is he in love with someone that lives in London?

The last weekend of May, Louis Tomlinson was in London and partying with musicians from Fifth Harmony. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson took off for Los Angeles -- 48 hours before he was supposed to play with One Direction in Cardiff.

Obviously, Louis Tomlinson was cutting it close time-wise with that early June trip to Los Angeles -- but could the reason he rushed half the way around the world be love?

As it turns out, love was absolutely one of the reasons that Louis Tomlinson went to Los Angeles -- if you consider apes as an option. Yahoo! U.K. reports that Louis Tomlinson went to Los Angeles on June 3 and later met up with the "Steal My Girl" music video monkey.

On his way back to England from Los Angeles, the Mirror U.K. points out that Louis Tomlinson looked "sleepy" as he boarded the plane at LAX.

Although there are few clues as to what Louis Tomlinson was doing in Los Angeles (or if he is partying so hard simply because this is how he enjoys time off) -- is there anyone Louis Tomlinson is interested in dating?

There are always plenty of dating rumors about Louis Tomlinson, but this time there might be some meat to the story about Fifth Harmony.

In mid-May, Camila Cabello was clubbing with Louis Tomlinson and One Direction. From there, tidbits about Fifth Harmony and Louis Tomlinson continue to build.

For instance, in the recent past, individual members of Fifth Harmony gave interviewers several kind words about One Direction -- but perhaps there is more to the story than compliments.

UnReality TV reported that the members of Fifth Harmony that went out with Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan in London called the early June evening of partying "a date."

Following that, Fifth Harmony stated to Capital FM that they wanted to hang out with Louis Tomlinson and One Direction at the Summertime Ball in London on June 7 -- and would gladly allow 1D to give them a massage.

The Mirror U.K. reports that Fifth Harmony also have Louis Tomlinson and One Direction in mind for kissing at the Summertime Ball.

Fifth Harmony members are calling it a date, asking for massages, looking forward to hang outs -- and basically holding up a neon sign that says "marry me 1D." Now fans just need to wait to see if Louis Tomlinson or One Direction will respond.

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