Samsung Tries To Revive Poor Sales Of Galaxy S6 By Insulting Apple’s iPhone

Samsung was supposed to revive its brand with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, but that hasn’t quite worked out. Forbes recently broke the news on what they consider a disappointment for Samsung.

“70 million. Earlier this year that was the number of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones Samsung claimed it would sell in 2015. Samsung also claimed to have taken 20M pre-orders prior to both phones’ release. Sadly one month on the reality looks disastrously different.”

Instead of releasing the exact sales figures, Samsung has decided to go after Apple’s iPhone 6. It’s usually a sign of desperation when a company has to insult another product that is selling much better.

CNET describes the first commercial.

“Samsung lauds the display on the phone’s edge. It mocks the fact that the iPhone 6’s edge displays nothing but a depressing baldness. Well, save for some buttons. While the Samsung’s edge shows colors when your closest friends call. (‘It’s green! It must be Draymond!’ Forgive me. Delirium.)”

But wait, one wasn’t enough. Samsung went ahead and made a second commercial about how much easier it is to take selfies on the Galaxy S6 along with bragging about how you can charge the S6 wirelessly

BGR sums up what a lot of people thought about Samsung’s commercials.

“The commercials get the job done and do a fine job of differentiating Samsung’s hardware from Apple’s. Still, one has to wonder if Samsung is getting a little bit worried given that sales of the S6 are getting off to a slower start than what we saw with last year’s Galaxy S5.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Samsung is about to release the Galaxy S6 Plus. Unfortunately, for Samsung, there was a swift backlash. The comments under the CNET article discussing the device were pretty brutal.

“Samsung……. just release the Note 5 and call it a day. No need for this and no need to ruin your already pretty successful Note line,” wrote commenter CDub271.

“Samsung isn’t even trying to hide how much they copy Apple anymore. I actually own the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy S6 and the S6 looks like the twin brother of the iPhone. Apple went 64 bit…then Samsung goes 64 bit. Apple creates Apple Pay…then Samsung creates Samsung Pay,” wrote commenter lamarUSC.

Apple probably won’t respond to the new Samsung ads, and they don’t need to; both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus helped Apple achieve it’s second-biggest sales quarter ever according to CNN Money. It will be interesting to hear what Samsung has to say about the upcoming iPhone 6s.

[Photos by David Ramos/Getty Images and YouTube]