Kathy Hilton Seemingly Denies ‘RHOBH’ Addition While Kyle Richards Says It’s All Lies

Kyle Richards claims that it’s all lies. On Friday evening, Kyle posted a tweet that asked what lie is coming next.

It’s likely that Kyle’s tweet about it being all lies was in reference to Radar Online‘s article, published right before Kyle’s tweet, claiming that Kyle is desperate to stay on the cast now that her sister has been fired from the show. A source claims that Kyle has pretty much begged executives for her job.

“Kyle is desperate to save her job. Kyle has talked to Andy Cohen and is reaching out to other network executives to lobby them to keep her on the show. Kyle is in a panic about her life. She is doing everything she can NOT to get fired. She is furious that Kim’s addictions and problems have been negatively affecting her. She doesn’t feel like it is fair to punish her for her sister’s outrageous behavior. Even if she is an addict who needs help.”

The source added that Kyle believes that she’ll be able to convince producers to keep her on.

“Kyle is a fighter and she’s no dummy. She believes she’ll be able to make things turn out the way she wants.”

While Kyle didn’t specify what she was referring to with her tweet, many people guessed that she was talking about Radar Online‘s article about her being in danger of being fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and doing what she can to stay on.

Kyle Richards’ tweet may have also been a denial of Radar‘s previous article claiming that producers are bringing Kathy Hilton on the show as a replacement for Kyle and Kim Richards.

“They’ve wanted to switch things up by trading the sisters for their much more famous sister. The one rub is they told Kathy not to say anything to them [Kim and Kyle]. So her sisters, like the rest of the cast, are in the dark about the new casting.”

The source added that executives actually wanted Kathy on the show from the very beginning.

“Execs initially wanted Kathy for the show years ago, but she passed. And she ended up recommending her sisters who were clamoring to do it.”

Kathy Hilton herself seemingly denied the casting story by tweeting that she’s not a Beverly Hills housewife.

In previous tweets, Kyle made it very clear that her fans should not believe what they read about her on Radar Online. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kyle told one fan that nothing on that site is true and told another to not believe anything on it. Kyle also hinted that fans will indeed see her next season. “Don’t fret,” she replied in response to another fan who told her to not leave the Real Housewives.

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton aren’t the only ones denying recent The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills casting news. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim Richards’ ex-husband, Monty Brinson, denied that Kim has been fired from the show.

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