‘Mummies Alive’: Smithsonian Show Premieres Tonight, Featuring Gunslinger Sylvester, Bog Bodies, Inca Maiden, And Ötzi The Iceman

Mummies Alive, a new historical documentary series, is coming to the Smithsonian channel. Broadway World is reporting that Mummies Alive will premiere tonight. The TV series was originally released on April 19 in Canada, according to The Internet Movie Database (IMDB). It is produced by Saloon Media and Impossible Factual, in association with Shaw Media. The Smithsonian Channel continues to be dedicated to bringing viewers amazing stories that are packed with the most fascinating facts and details surrounding history, culture, space, and science.

Directed by Mick Grogan and narrated by Jason Priestly, the six-one hour episodes center around mummies that have been found all around the world and the stories and legends surrounding their deaths. In tonight’s episode, Mummies Alive will focus on a mummy known as gunslinger mummy Sylvester, 14-year-old Inca Maiden, and Otzi, The Iceman — just to name a few.

The mummy known as Sylvester was a gun-slinging cowboy and outlaw that lived in the wild west. When his mummified body was found, it was in remarkable condition. The face and skin of the mummy is so well-preserved and so recognizable that it is almost as good as looking at a picture of the man. His teeth and eyes are visible, and his nails look as though they have been manicured. The mummified body will be examined using state of the art technology, instead of an autopsy for fear of destroying the body. Sylvester has been on display at the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop in Seattle, where patrons enjoy looking at him.

In an upcoming episode entitled “Buried In A Bog,” viewers will hear the story of an ancient mummy that was found on a trackway in Ireland. Trackways were used for transportation. But what mystifies scientists and archeologists are the trackways that lead to the middle of nowhere, leading to speculation that rituals and the worship of deities took place in those locations.

Also, be sure to look out for the story of Otzi, The Iceman, who is one of the oldest, most well-preserved mummies on the face of the earth. He is estimated to be about 5,300 years old. Otzi was discovered by two hikers who found his head and shoulders sticking out of the ice in the Ötztal Alps. Like the mummy Sylvester, Otzi, the Iceman was also found in remarkable condition.

“The wounds on the mummified body of a 19th-century gunslinger, known to us as Sylvester, suggests he was killed in a gunfight. A ballistics report tells a different story. Who was Sylvester, the amazingly preserved mummy from the Wild West? Delve into the secrets of his life & death on Mummies Alive: The Gunslinger Mummy.”

Don’t forget to tune in to these exciting and awe-inspiring episodes starting tonight at 9 p.m on the Smithsonian channel.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]