Lake Vanishes Overnight: Aspen Lake Disappears, Drains When Georgia Dam Breaks

Residents of a Georgia community are trying to process how a lake vanishes overnight. Homeowners in Coweta County went to bed last Sunday night and woke up to find that Aspen Lake had simply disappeared, according to a USA Today report. Now they await government officials’ report on possibly providing some form of relief; allegedly, a neglected dam that broke is behind the drained body of water.

On the night of the community catastrophe, slow-moving rainstorms drenched the area. The inclement weather caused the 10-acre private lake to swell. As a consequence, it stressed a nearby dam and caused it to fail. And overnight, the Georgia lake vanished, to the dismay of residents. Now all that remains is an oversize “puddle.”

Locals in the tight-knit residential development spoke to reporters investigating the dam break and the community’s disappearing lake. Wayne Brown was among the first residents to address what’s being called a “freak phenomenon.”

“It’s gone. Nine years of everything is just gone here for me. Twenty years for Harvey, 10 years for this guy over here. It’s just devastating. I looked down at the lake, and the mud and everything was coming across so fast.”

Harvey Cooper lives across the street from Wayne. He, like others in the community, is languishing how the lake vanished overnight, leaving only silt, tree stumps, and despair.

“Around 6:30am, my neighbor Ron Sills, knocked on the door and said, ‘Harvey, look at the lake!’ Needless to say, I could not believe what I was looking at. We just loved our lake. It’s a total loss. When the sun rose Monday, he saw ‘a mud hole– that we don’t know what to do with.”

The weather service said the vanishing lake rose about six inches during heavy rains. Many say the deluge, along with the age of the 50-year-old dam caused the structure to break at a weak spot. Now tenants face a predicament.

In ordinary situations, they can count on the county to provide relief when natural disaster strikes. However, the homes surrounding the lake are built on private property. Consequently, the county has no obligation to intervene. Moreover, there are no monies earmarked for such a calamity.

Commissioners with the Coweta County Board met with the local citizens on Tuesday. There, they advised them of their inability to remedy the situation. However, they advised them on how to rebuild the collapsed dam that resulted in the lake vanishing overnight.

[Photo: 11 Alive News via Twitter]