Jennifer Lopez Faces Two Years In Prison In Morocco For ‘Tarnishing Women’s Honor’ During Sexy Concert

Jennifer Lopez performed a sexy concert in Rabat, Morocco as part of the 10-day Mawazine International Music Festival. Lopez’s performance was then televised to the public in what an Moroccan education group says was so sexy that it “disturbed public order.” Now, the group has filed a lawsuit against Lopez and the concert promoter for “tarnishing women’s honor and respect” in the raunchy performance.

TMZ reports that Jennifer Lopez shook her booty so hard that it resulted in public unrest. The concert was part of the highly anticipated Mawazine International Music Festival that was also aired on Morocco TV. However, a local education group says the concert had no business being aired on television as it was tarnishing to women’s honor and respect in the country.

In addition to suing the songstress, the group is also after the concert promoter. It was reported that the government is not directly involved in the case, but has said that the concert never should have been aired on Morocco TV as it went against broadcasting laws. Morocco’s Minister of Communication, Mustapha Khalfi, says that he objected to the airing of the sexualized concert and that it was not appropriate for television.

“What was broadcast is unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law.”

On his twitter page, the minister also pointed out that he is all for “defending the values and morals and the image of women and the image of Morocco” and points out it “is a national issue.”

Should Jennifer Lopez be found of the crimes against women’s honor and inciting public disorder with her derriere, she could face up to two years in prison. However, the dancing diva doesn’t seem too concerned about the charges. As the Daily Mail points out, the singer turned actress has begun production for her upcoming NBC cop drama, Shades Of Blue.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time that Lopez had performed in Morocco. She had performed in the country on numerous other occasions with fear of lawsuit. However, in her past performances, the singer’s performance was not publicly broadcast on Morocco TV.

In other Jennifer Lopez news, the singer has taken up residency in Las Vegas with many saying she will outshine fellow singing divas Mariah Carey and Brittany Spears.

What do you think about the lawsuit against Lopez? Can a perfectly shaken booty really incite public disorder? Do you think the singer’s sexy moves tarnish “women’s honor and respect?”

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Archive]