Send Help! Angry Attack Cat Holds Man Hostage For Three Hours, 911 Responds

Don’t discount the power of the teeth and claws of the domestic house cat, especially when it’s a mother defending her babies.

One angry mother cat kept a Connecticut man and his wife outside their home for three hours this week, prompting a call to 911 for help.

Mohammed Lokman called police at 1:36 a.m. Thursday after his 7.5-pound cat attacked him and his wife and drove the couple outside their home in a show of motherly rage.

The female cat had just given birth a few hours earlier and was evidently protecting her newborn kittens, according to NBC Connecticut.

“I cannot go inside in my home. The problem is that my cat was getting too aggressive.”

After giving birth to her kittens, the cat attacked the couple, driving them outside their home with her teeth and claws. There they waited for hours until finally calling the police for help.

“This is, you said a cat? Was something wrong with the cat?”

The angry mother cat wouldn’t let the couple back inside their home and they called asking for help, but apparently the police had better things to do than defend the couple from their attack cat because it took them a while to get out there.

“Five minutes ago, I tried to open the door again, and she (was) waiting in the door.”

Eventually, police showed up and the couple managed to sneak past the ferocious cat and make their way to bed, the police told NBC New York.

“They were advised to stay away from each other the rest of the night.”

LONG ISLAND, NY - JULY 10: A portrait of a rescued cat photographed on July 10, 2011 on Long Island, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The domestic house cat can turn ferocious predator in the blink of an eye as this Connecticut couple discovered, but they’re not the only ones to feel the wrath of the feline.

In May, a video went viral showing a cat attacking a man after he pretended to hit his infant son. The video clearly shows that the man is only pretending, but that doesn’t matter to his cat who heroically launches himself onto his owner’s arm to defend the baby, according to the Inquisitr.

Another amazing video shows a cat saving a toddler from being mauled by a neighbor’s dog.

The boy had been playing outside his Bakersfield home when the dog suddenly appeared from nowhere and viciously attacked the child, shaking him like a rag doll. That’s when the family cat appears to save the day and jumps on the dog, driving him away, according to the Inquisitr.

So don’t forget the power of the angry attack cat.

[Photo by China Photos/Getty Images/China News Photo/Dennis Pu and Bruce Bennett/Getty Images]