Kate Hudson: On Balance, Diet, And Her New Menswear Athletic Line [Video]

Kate Hudson is known for her fit and toned figure and her Fabletics active-wear line that recently has been expanded to include men’s active wear as well. The star had a chance to share her tips and tricks for a balanced and healthy lifestyle with Harper’s Bazaar, while she communicated how important it is to not be too hard on yourself. Harper’s Bazaar noted Kate’s words in response to a question posed about staying fit and healthy.

“You know, I think it’s just about taking it easy and not putting too much pressure on yourself. I think that’s what our company is also about. It’s like, you want to be as healthy and as fit as you can because it’s great for you, but you also want to enjoy your life and be able to have some fun and have everything in moderation.”

Although Kate is keen to keep her life balanced and to remember not to take things too seriously, she definitely knows what it takes to achieve her desired fitness goals and goes the distance to get there by ensuring to vary her workouts between intense cardio and core-strengthening activities. The blond beauty indicated what her go-to forms of exercise are, during the chat.

“[S]ometimes, I’ll just want to stretch and do more of a hot yoga-type situation, sometimes I want to sweat it out and do more cardio, spinning. But my go-to’s are Brazilian Butt Lifts—it’s just really, really concentrating on your core and your butt—and Pilates.”

Kate admits to having a somewhat strict diet plan that is mainly alkaline — meaning no dairy, no gluten, no meat — and she tries to cut down on sugar but sometimes gives in to “popcorn” and “milkduds” when she’s faced with the temptation. Like all individuals seeking to strike a healthy balance, Hudson also allows for cheat days and allows herself to indulge in her favorite eats if dining out. She adds, “I try just to make alkaline my normal and then have fun.”

The 36-year-old seems to be having a ton of fun these days while being a mommy of two and promoting her fantastic Fabletics brand. As previously noted, Hudson is launching a men’s line named FL2, and as E! Online shares, “she co-founded the brand, and partnered with brother Oliver Hudson on the men’s collection.”

Watch Kate Hudson chat about her own take on fitness and balance with E!