WWE Rumors: WWE Planning On Shooting ‘Major Angle’ For Brock Lesnar’s Return

The return of Brock Lesnar is less than a month away, but it could be in just two weeks or even one week. While a lot has been revealed about his return from “indefinite suspension,” WWE has still kept a few things a bit under wraps. Now, it’s still strange that his return would be promoted when he’s said to be on suspension, but rumors have it that a big-time angle will be put in place for his comeback.

Lesnar’s return to WWE is one of the biggest storylines of the summer, and he hasn’t even come back yet. Paul Heyman said “his client” will return sometime after Money In The Bank, which happens in a week.

Still, the major cause of concern is how to get Lesnar back on WWE television and write him back in.

Cageside Seats is reporting that WWE plans on actually shooting some type of “major angle” for the return of Lesnar. It isn’t clear what the angle will be, but it’s going to lead to his return to WWE, and you can bet that Paul Heyman is involved in this somehow.

Back in April, the “Beast Incarnate” was placed on indefinite suspension by The Authority for destroying Michael Cole and everything/everyone else in his path. Now, his return is being advertised, and that’s just overly strange since the storyline has him as suspended.

Why promote the return of a superstar is on “leave” due to disciplinary reasons?

Well, that’s easy to answer. You promote Brock Lesnar’s return because he is easily the biggest draw in all of WWE right now. That’s a simple thing to understand, but it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense by way of storyline.

WWE needs to come up with some major way of allowing Brock Lesnar off of his suspension, and it’s one that will have to benefit The Authority. That also makes perfect sense because they are the only people (at this time) who can lift his suspension.

seth rollins wwe title

That is where another problem rises up because a major part of The Authority is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. He is the exact person that Lesnar is expected to chase down as soon as he’s back in the ring.

Could The Authority work out a deal where Lesnar is some type of enforcer? This would allow him to come back, protect Rollins, and destroy everyone else. It also leads to the eventual turn by Lesnar and him going after his title again…maybe by SummerSlam.

The rumors say WWE is planning a major angle for Brock Lesnar’s return, and that’s what is needed. No, it isn’t needed to generate excitement for him because he’s got that, but it’s needed to explain exactly why he’s being let off suspension. We will know soon.

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