Ed Sheeran Poses For Selfies With Fans While Out At Pub, Then Leads ‘Epic Singalong’ For Thousands

Ed Sheeran knows how to get along with just about everyone, whether it’s 9,000 cheering, singing fans at Budweiser Gardens, or locals out for a drink. Sheeran wanted to take in “some of the sights and sounds of London” (Ontario, Canada) in his free time, so he stopped by Barney’s in Richmond Row on Thursday evening. The night manager at Barney’s, Mike Michalski, heard from the owner that Sheeran was heading to the pub, and he quickly found a “low-key” place for Ed and his group to sit.

The Barney’s outing was the night before Sheeran’s June 5 gig at Budweiser Gardens, and fans were thrilled to see the Grammy nominated star up close.

Some Sheeran fans missed out on the chance to meet Ed. Twitter user Karen S tweeted, “I wish I had met u Ed,” and Mika was sad because he was in bed instead of “sippin Blue Lagoons with Ed!”

Ed Sheeran at Barney’s last night???? Coulda been sippin Blue Lagoons with Ed???? Sad bc I was in bed

— mika (@mikahenry_) June 5, 2015

Miranda Afman said she was crying inside after leaving Barney’s before Ed arrived.

Mika, Karen S, and Miranda sure did miss out! Sheeran happily posed for selfies with passing fans at the popular night spot. Barney’s tweeted, “Yes, Ed Sheeran was at Barney’s patio last night. It was a pretty big deal.”

Lucky Sheeran fans who went out for a drink that night caused a lot of social media buzz in the city as they posted their selfies for the less fortunate to weep over. “Ed Sheeran takin a selfie on my phone. No big deal. He’s a super great and nice guy,” said Stevensonbone2 in his Instagram post.

It was a lot of excitement for the “other London,” the small Canadian city with its own tiny Thames River and Pall Mall. It isn’t every day the Canadian Londoners get to shoot the breeze–or the selfies–with stars like Ed. Big names who do come to town aren’t always as easy going as the 24-year-old British pop star.

Sheeran’s concert the next night, June 5, was the last chance for London fans to see him, and it was a near sold-out “epic singalong” success. The London Free Press said that “Sheeran is the one to beat ” in this summer’s concert line up. Sheeran made “a complete connection with thousands of fans” just the way he did with the lucky ones who spotted Ed at Barney’s the night before.

London ! (Ontario)

A photo posted by @teddysphotos on

“You’re going to scream out at the top of your voice — and you’re never going to stop,” Sheeran told the crowd before the encore finale, “Sing”.

Ed Sheeran fans who caught the concert are still singing along in their heads, and thousands more are getting ready for the last few stops on Sheeran’s 10-city Canadian tour that wraps up at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena on June 19.

[Image via Global News]