‘Branson Taxi’: Reelz TV Reality Show Features Scott Thompson’s Branson Cab Service Of Missouri Tonight

Branson Taxi, Reelz Channel’s newest reality show, is airing tonight for the first time. The new tv show is based on the Branson Cab company that is located in Branson, Missouri. Shot over a period of 8 months, the new 30-minute television series will air on Reelz in 12 episodes. Branson Taxi’s cast stars: Scott Thompson, Jade Lyn Thompson, Rusty Davis, Tessa Peterson, and Dawnell Codon.

Unlike HBO‘s Taxi Cab Confessions and other taxi/cab confession documentaries that have a sexual component, Branson Taxi is supposed to be a more family-friendly show. And by the looks of it, Reelz fans are already looking forward to Branson Taxi. Here is what they are saying on social media.

“Can’t wait!!”

“I’m very excited about this show…it’s going to be fun.”

“Right wingers dont watch PBS, but love this stuff!!!”

“they are very cool people and they are all actual staff.”

Before you watch tonight, here a little bit of information about Missouri’s Branson Cab. Run by Scott Thompson, the taxi company has been in business for over 25 years. They are considered to be one of the premiere taxi services in the area. Always prompt and reliable, the employees of Branson Taxi pride themselves on taking good care of their clients by giving them that “personal touch.” They are the largest transportation company in their town and—according to them, they offer the cheapest, best rates in town.


With their fleet of transportation ranging from Crown Victorias to Ford Explorers, Branson Taxi aka Branson Cab is ready to take their clients anywhere they want to go. They also guarantee a safe arrival as they shuttle them back and forth to the airports as well as taking customers to run errands. If you’re new to the city, they also offer a sight seeing service. Need something delivered? Don’t worry. They offer that service, too.

Here is what Scott Thompson had to say about his upcoming show, according to Ozark First.

“It’s a real authentic show. It’s really what we do and it’s what Branson stands for. We’re trying to increase tourism, and we’re trying to do it our way.”

Hold on to your hats and get ready to take the ride of your life. Tune in to Branson Taxi right after Hollywood Hillbillies tonight at 9:30. Here is the trailer and the tease.

“In Branson, Missouri, the entertainment capital of America, Scott Thompson’s cab company doesn’t just take you from point A to point B. Branson is a place where flash isn’t coveted and people don’t put up with divas. Scott’s down-to-earth team includes, his daughter Jade, scrappy dispatch manager Karen, no nonsense shop foreman Tom, master cab mechanic Rusty, marketing experts Tessa and Dawnell and their wacky group of drivers, Jeff Steve, and Brent. But mixing family, friends and Branson’s booming tourism industry makes for a wild ride and keeps Scott and his team working around the clock to keep the competition at bay and their passengers happy.”

[Photo Credit: Facebook]