Powerful Video Shows Syrian Women Ripping Off Their Islamic Robes, Headscarves After Escaping ISIS [Video]

A powerful video was captured in the Kurdish-controlled Rojava as families arrived after escaping religious persecution in Islamic State controlled territories. The video shows elated Syrian women getting their first taste of freedom by ripping off their strict Islamic State required robes and headscarves. One by one, the woman can be seen standing up in the back of trucks and throwing their robes into the air. Some just look to the sky as they rip their headscarves off and let their hair blow in the wind.

The video was captured by a free-lance journalist Jack Shahine and uploaded by the Daily Mail. In the video, you see Syrian women with huge smiles on their faces standing in the back of various trucks. The women stand up individually and begin removing the garments that were once required in ISIS controlled regions. Many of the woman are wearing colorful dresses underneath and look like new women once the old robes are removed.

Some of the women can even be seen letting down their hair as men in their trucks cheer. The women’s faces are beaming as they stand up in their colorful new outfits with their families and friends cheering around them. The procession happened as groups of refugees from Islamic State controlled regions made it to the Kurdish-controlled Rojava.

Though they have made it to Rojava, the war is not over. Kurdish forces have been in constant battle with the Islamic State as it continues its attempts at overthrowing nearby towns and villages.

What do you think of the Syrian women’s symbolic gesture as they entered Rojava?

[Image Credit: Daily Mail/ Jack Shahine ]