GoAnimate brings animation to the masses

GoAnimate is a new online service the allows anybody to create indepth animated videos.

Online animation services aren’t new, but most offer basic feature sets that emphasize quick creation over options. GoAnimate on the other hand is a full suite of animation tools, covering just about every possible thing you could think to create. Users can define everything from characters, layouts, speech and music, and on top of an extensive library of options, you can also upload your own elements or import scenes from services such as Flickr.

GoAnimate also acts as a host for created animations, complete with embedding options, and support is built in to promote clips on social voting and networking sites.

The site bills itself as a service to people who don’t know how to use Flash, or can’t draw. It’s a fair way of defining the service, but at the same time creating an animation isn’t a quick process either. Depth takes time, and there is also a learning curve as well to know how and when to do certain actions, even if the layout is logical. I haven’t whipped an animation up for this posts because I don’t want to end up wasting hours creating one, but if you’ve ever wanted to create your own animated short, bookmark this site now, it’s that good.