Lana Del Rey Has Rude Fans? Dallas, Coachella, Toronto

Lana Del Rey fans in the state of Texas are weeping because she decided not to reschedule her May 9 Dallas show — but could it be that Lana is not returning because she is fed up with some of her notoriously rude fans?

Right now, with the disappointment of Dallas behind her, Lana Del Rey is in the middle of her Endless Summer tour. While there are always a few haters in the audience, so far, most of Lana Del Rey’s 2015 tour performance experiences appear to be positive.

For example, toward the end of May, Lana Del Rey posted a picture on Instagram of her holding a bouquet of flowers — possibly a gift from a fan given to her after a concert.

All in all, it appears that things are great with Lana Del Rey and the fans that attend her shows — but things have not always been this way. Do any of them have a good reason to be snarky with Lana Del Rey?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the Lana Del Rey concert was canceled in Dallas, fans stated that Courtney Love was late, cursed at the Dallas audience, and made fun of them. Was there a reason for this outrage toward Lana Del Rey fans by Courtney Love — or did the LDR fans start the angst?

The situation was never clarified by Lana Del Rey or Courtney Love — but could the reason she is not rescheduling in Dallas is because those who attended the show were not being nice? After all, Lana Del Rey has a pattern of problems with fans.

For instance, Lana Del Rey fans that attended her 2014 Coachella performance were called out by other Lana devotees in forums as being “bad.”

Comments in the Coachella forum about Lana Del Rey fans included, “They were all carbon copies of the same rude, self-obsessed, flower-crown-wearing, selfie-taking person.”

The critics of Lana Del Rey fans that attended her 2014 Coachella performances also stated the following about the behavior of Lana fans.

“The Lana Del Rey fans… were a bunch of stuck-up prudes who probably didn’t give a **** about anyone else on the entire lineup, then tried to outdo one another like it was some kind of competition over who had the biggest adoration for Queen Lana by shoving each other in pain and causing them to be pulled out [by security guards].”

Despite the misbehavior of some of her fans, most of the Lana Del Rey critics thought her performances were great. They also stated that Lana Del Rey attracted the largest audience at Coachella that afternoon.

Regardless of the fact that some portrayals of Lana Del Rey fans are exaggerated for humor — the rude Lana Del Rey fans at Coachella were not an isolated incident.

At a performance in Toronto in 2014, Lana Del Rey was “attacked” by one of her fans. Although the incident was not covered in the media, the situation that Lana Del Rey succumbed to at the hands of her fans was described in a Lana Del Rey forum as follows.

“To be honest, it’s clear that the fan didn’t mean to ‘attack’ Lana at the show. There were TONS of people grabbing at her in the front row and to be honest, I got a grasp on the back of her head one time… Anyone would obviously be upset if it happened to them too. Just imagine if Lana had pinned in/glued on extensions. She has a right to get upset and leave early.”

Obviously, Lana Del Rey fans can be difficult, and no one knows for sure if rude fans are why she is avoiding Dallas — but what does Lana Del Rey think about the fans in her audiences?

In 2012, Lana Del Rey stated in a Complex interview, “My fans are there [in the audience] because they want to hear the record live. Everyone else is just there to see what happens.”

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