Bath And Body Works Bringing Back Six Scents For A Limited Time That Will Throw You Back To The ’90s

For those that weren’t necessarily “kids of the ’90s,” but “teens of the ’90s,” then Bath & Body Works is appealing to your senses. Six limited time scents are coming back to stores, and they are going to make you feel like you’re back in high school and heading to a girl’s birthday party — one that you forgot to get a gift for.

bath and body works 90s

As reported by Mashable, the company is having a #FlashbackFragrance campaign and that means six scents that so many will never forget. These six scents will have you not only remembering the great (?) times from the ’90s, but spending some cash to stock up, as well.

  • Cucumber Melon
  • Juniper Breeze
  • Plumeria
  • Country Apple
  • White Tea and Ginger
  • Pearberry

Customers will be able to purchase the scents in a variety of different forms too. Bath & Body Works will be selling them as body lotion, body cream, shower gel, and fragrance mist. Even though the packaging is different than you may remember, the scents will be the same.

Bath & Body Works will only be selling these items online and in stores beginning on June 8 and going through July 5. That gives you less than a month to stockpile your 1990s memories so you can send letters that smell like you.

Mashable did noticed that White Tea and Ginger and Cucumber Melon are already for sale, but Bath & Body Works states those are leftovers from online exclusives.


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Bath & Body Works simply wants customers to know that they are looking to appeal to them whether they have just begun shopping with the company or have been loyal for years. Phuong Ireland, Director of Brand Development for Bath & Body Works wants memories to be a part of what they do.

“These are our customers’ most-loved fragrances — they’re the ones they have amazing memories and stories of. They’re iconic to the Bath & Body Works heritage and what we were known for for a long time.”

Glamour revealed that the pricing for the throwback fragrances haven’t yet been determined, but they will be soon. Currently, most fragrances sell for $14 a bottle so that may give you a general idea at what you’ll be looking at.

Bath & Body Works is always looking forward to the future of the company, but their Flashback Fragrance campaign is to let everyone know they haven’t forgotten where they came from. If you’re looking to get Plumeria or Cucumber Melon or Juniper Breeze though, you’ll have to get them quickly.

[Images via Bath & Body Works/Mashable]