Man Stuck In Porta-Potty Had ‘Crappy’ Day, Police Say: You Won’t Believe What He Was Doing Inside

A man stuck in a porta-potty will not be cited after having the police called on him for indecent exposure.

Apparently the man — an unnamed 48-year-old homeless person in Portland, Oregon — was “flashing” a group of people, who finally had enough.

He was also reportedly masturbating.

“[He] was flashing us over and over again, and we asked him multiple times and told him to stop and he wouldn’t,” said a homeless woman in comments to KOMO News. “Our friend thought it would be funny to get up and jump behind the porta-potty and kick it.”

The toilet fell over and caused the man to be stuck in the porta-potty until Portland Fire and Rescue crews could arrive to save the day.

The Daily Mail reports that when the man emerged from his prison, his face was covered in fecal matter.

Police provided the man with a change of clothes, both reports indicate and opted not to arrest him for the lewd act.

Obviously having fun with the situation, Sgt. Willie Halliburton had this to say when asked about the man’s condition.

“I think justice has been done, so I’m not going to cite him or anything, I’ll just give him a stern warning. Physically, he’s fine but he had a crappy day.”

This isn’t the first time that Inquisitr has brought you some cringe-worthy tales from the public facilities. Take this story about Kenneth Webster Enlow, a man who was flushed out of a Keystone Dam public toilet.

Unlike the man stuck in the porta-potty, Enlow was arrested for being a peeping tom. He was apparently hiding in one of the no-plumbing toilets at Keystone Lake park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When a woman took her 7-year-old daughter to the restroom, both of them got the shock of their lives as the little girl sat down to relieve herself.

From Deputy Brian Osman’s arrest report, “I observed the white male while he was in the septic tank. … I saw that he was standing with his head and shoulders out of the hole and that he was covered in feces.”

Keystone Fire and Rescue helped fish out the alleged peeping tom in the public toilet and then used a fire hose to clean him off.

Police said Enlow’s initial story was that his girlfriend “Angel” slugged him on the head with a tire iron and then dropped him in the toilet. Enlow added that Angel drove him to the scene in a 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, “blue and white,” and that she left him in the hole close to 30 minutes before he was discovered.

There were no injuries to verify those claims.

Do you think people like this and the man stuck in the porta-potty should be given jail time, or is the experience of being covered in feces punishment enough? Sound off in the comments.

[Image via KOMO News, linked above]