Odd Crime: Man Bakes A Potato And Rakes Leaves During Break-In

When people think of a break-in, they typically think of someone doing the crime to steal jewelries, money, or other valuables, but not to do odd things like baking potatoes and cleaning up the place.

One man in Hobbs, New Mexico, allegedly decided to break-in to a residence and commit an odd crime that has the resident wondering what he was doing.

According to the Associated Press, 45-year-old Patrick Lynn Waits allegedly made himself at home after he invited himself into an unlocked house, took a set of car keys which didn’t belong to him, and began baking a potato in the microwave.

A woman who lived in the residence where the break-in occurred was wakened in the morning by a noise, so she went to the kitchen to investigate. She found Waits wiping down the counter while his potato cooked in the microwave. The odd actions of the stranger in her kitchen prompted her to ask him what he was doing, according to the police.

“She asked him what he was doing there, and he told her he was making a potato.”

Well, obviously.

The woman told the man who was now in trouble for more than just baking a potato to leave her residence. So what did Waits allegedly do, now that he was facing trouble for committing a serious crime?

He began to rake the leaves in the front yard.

The woman decided to call the police rather than let Waits eat his baked potato after he finished the yard work. While she waited for the police to arrest the man for his odd crime, she had a brilliant idea to keep the man at the house before he disappeared.

She told Waits she wanted to pay him for his work, if he could just hold on for a little bit while she got the money around.

When police arrived, Patrick Lynn Waits was stumbling and slurring his speech, according to the Associated Press.

For his odd crime, Waits was arrested on burglary and unlawful entry charges. He’s also facing felony warrants for failure to appear in court.