‘GTA V’ Will Be Hosting A Special Online Event Next Weekend To Celebrate Upcoming DLC

As was revealed earlier this week, Rockstar Games is currently working on the next DLC pack coming to Grand Theft Auto V. While it was originally only stated that the add-on would become available sometime next week, the developer has now confirmed through their official Twitter account that the GTA V “Ill-Gotten Gains” update will officially become available across all platforms on Wednesday, June 10.

Since many fans of Grand Theft Auto V now have a large influx of spendable cash thanks to the launch of online heist missions earlier this year, the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC hopes to provide players with a variety of new items to spend their in-game wealth on. The online update will introduce several more high-end cars for users to purchase. Rockstar Games also hinted that fans should be on the lookout for additional content updates to hit GTA V throughout the summer.

Providing additional information about exactly when the new GTA V update is expected to go live, the developer confirmed on the Rockstar Newswire that they will have more information on what times the DLC will become ready to download on each platform next week. The developer plans to keep fans updated throughout the day so that they can be aware the minute the new Grand Theft Auto V update is available.

“The Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part One will be available for Grand Theft Auto Online across all five platforms beginning next week, Wednesday June 10th. As always, we will announce here at the Newswire as it becomes available on each platform on Wednesday.”

The official Rockstar blog also confirmed that there will be a special online event for GTA V held next weekend to commemorate the launch of the new DLC update. The event will begin next Friday and run throughout the remainder of the weekend. Rockstar Games has teased that the weekend event will offer bonus RP and cash rewards within Grand Theft Auto V‘s online multiplayer mode. More details on the upcoming event will be released next week.

“Also stay tuned next week for information on the Ill-Gotten Gains Social Club Event Weekend (Part One) which will be happening Friday June 12 through Sunday June 14 with some opportunities for bonus RP, GTA$ and more – perfect for the consummate capitalist.”

Rockstar Games will also show off the new DLC for Grand Theft Auto V in a special livestream that will start early on the free updates launch day this coming Wednesday. This presentation of the new content should give fans a better understanding of exactly what will be coming inside the new add-on.

Are you hoping the new GTA V update will help you spend the cash that you’ve acquired from co-op heists?

[Images via Rockstar Games]