Shep Rose Says Kathryn Dennis And Thomas Ravenel’s Relationship Even Crazier In Real Life, Things Great With Craig Conover

Is Kathryn Dennis’ relationship with Thomas Ravenel really that crazy when the Southern Charm cameras aren’t around? According to their co-star, Shep Rose, it’s even crazier.

In an interview with PopSugar, posted on Friday, Shep said that Bravo doesn’t actually show all of the craziness that is Kathryn and Thomas’ on-and-off relationship.

“It’s way crazier. Bravo is really nice, in the end. If they full-throttle showed everything, it would be pretty eye-opening. We don’t even bat an eyelash anymore at their relationship.”

The season 2 finale episode ended with Thomas telling Kathyn that he won’t be getting back with her and walking away, which prompted Kathryn to chase after him, screaming that she won’t let him walk away from their family. During Monday night’s reunion show, Kathryn and Thomas hurled insults and accusations at one another.

Kathryn not only said that Thomas wasn’t supporting her emotionally and financially, but also said that he cheated on her, with a lesbian. Thomas in turn accused Kathryn of being with that same lesbian.

“Because you are a liar and are psycho. You left me to be with another woman. At the hotel… [Thomas: You mean the woman that you were with?] The woman that you f**ked with The lesbian… She’s a wrestler. You f**ked her when we were together. You did f**k a lesbian.”

Yet the two are apparently back together. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the day that the reunion aired, Kathryn posted a photo of herself with Thomas and wrote that they’re watching the reunion together. Kathryn later denied to a viewer that she and Thomas faked their drama for the cameras.

Kathryn and Thomas’ relationship wasn’t the only one that was spotlighted on the show’s second season. Shep Rose’s friendship with Craig Conover was shown going through some ups and downs, with the two frequently cracking jokes at each other’s expense. When asked if he’s still friends with Craig, Shep said that they’re such good friends that Craig stays with him when he’s in town.

“Oh yeah! I had a little fun with the storyline on the reunion, but I love the guy. He comes into town, I pick him up for dinner, and he stays in my guest room. We’re good.”

Shep Rose, when talking about how he manages to stay out of the drama, even the drama of Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, also revealed that his friendship with Craig Conover was edited by Southern Charm to look bad.

“They just don’t mess with me, they don’t drag me into the drama because they know I don’t play that game. I’ll just make a joke out of everything. It kind of bothered me that everything with Craig came off so dramatically, because it really wasn’t that way in real life. There was a lot that wasn’t shown.”

[Photo by Rob Kim / Getty Images]