Man Dialed 911 In Stand Off With The Family Cat [Audio]

A 911 operator was stunned to receive a call from a man who said his overly “aggressive” cat won’t let him into the house. He said he had been trying for four hours to enter the home, and eventually the man dialed 911. Forget Grumpy Cat, this feline was seriously mad.

The audio below follows the conversation between Mohammed Lokman and the 911 operator, explaining that his cat will not let him back into his own home.

After trying to enter the home on multiple occasions over a four-hour period, Lokman and his wife were forced to stay in their car.

When the man dialed 911, he explained the cat has never shown any aggressive tendencies before, but that she had recently given birth to a kitten and was being overprotective of her young.

“The problem is my cat was getting too aggressive. I was inside and she attacked me, and she scratched me in my leg and bit me.

“So me and my wife, we come outside and now we cannot go in the home like for three, four hours.”

The operator can’t quite believe what she is hearing and responds, “OK, you said a cat?”

Lokman went on to explain that his cat had given birth the previous night but had seemed quite normal all morning. However, once he left the home and tried to return later, the cat suddenly became extremely aggressive. This was why the man dialed 911.

“We cannot move. We cannot do anything. It’s so aggressive and so mean.”

Eventually, the 911 operator dispatched police to the house in Stamford, Connecticut. Reportedly, they advised the couple to stay away from the house for the night and eventually they were able to get back in.

Lokman later told CBS New York that he and his wife and the cat and her kitten were all doing fine. He said they had had the cat for a year and a half and never had a problem. At first, he wasn’t sure why it reacted so aggressively.

However, the Mirror Online quoted Katina Wargo of the Stamford Animal Control as saying the cat was most likely feeling protective towards her newborn kitten.

“A mom protecting its baby. She probably didn’t realize it was him, or she was in protective mode.”

However, she probably hadn’t often come across a situation where a man dialed 911 because the cat wouldn’t let him in.

[Image: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Dagny Gromer]