Westboro Baptist Church: Beau Biden Funeral Protest For Worshiping ‘Idol’ Rosary Scheduled

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church, which is known for its contempt of the LBGT community and its public protests of funerals for military veterans, has Saturday plans: to picket the funeral of Beau Biden.

The controversial Topeka, Kansas-based church group, founded by the late Pastor Fred Phelps, scheduled an assembly at the memorial services for Vice President’s Joe Biden’s son when mourners arrive, according to a USA Today news report. WBC posted an announcement on its God Hates Fags website.

“As for Beau Biden, his life was cut short by the will of God to whom all glory is given and he has an eternity of answering to the Lord for his own words, thoughts, actions and sins.”

Biden was an Iraq War veteran, having served overseas on deployment from 2008-2009. Then, he was a lawyer for the Delaware National Guard. He also served as the state’s Attorney General for two terms (2006-2010).

The Westboro Baptist Church also expressed vitriol towards Vice President Biden. Additionally, members lobbed an attack against the Biden family’s religious faith. It’s known that Beau and his family are devout Roman Catholics that use the Holy Rosary as a central component of their faith.

“WBC to picket the funeral of Beau Biden, son of Joe Biden who holds a position of power in today’s Doomed America with a very public platform with which he could give the glory to God for this event. Rather, news reports indicate the elder Biden will be praying the rosary. The Lord Jesus Christ plainly said to keep yourselves from idols at 1 John 5:21. Yo, Joe! Start reading the Bible and OBEY and get rid of the goofy beads. They are an idol made with hands and cannot save you, Beau or anyone!

“Lord willing, WBC will zealously warn Joe Biden and the others at that time/place that God has clear standards, that He requires obedience, and that He curses those who refuse to obey, especially those who interfere with His people in their worship of and service to Him. Our faithful warning: Repent or likewise perish!”

Beau Biden’s death came 10 days after he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for a recurrence of brain cancer. In 2013, Biden was diagnosed with the disease that would ultimately claim his life. However, sources say he developed symptoms of a brain tumor back in 2010.

Although Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket the funeral for Beau Biden, the group has been known to be a no-show. However, given the enormity of the platform, WBC won’t likely pass on this opportunity to further its agenda. In 2010, when the vice president’s mother, Jean Finnegan Biden, died, Westboro Baptist Church protested her funeral.

Biden’s service’s will take place the Wilmington’s St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church. Mass begins at 10:30 a.m.

[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]