Fred Durst Wed Longtime Girlfriend Kseniya Beryazina — Three Years Ago

Fred Durst reportedly wed longtime girlfriend Kseniya Beryazina — three years ago. According to reports, the Limp Bizkit frontman married the Ukrainian makeup artist in an intimate ceremony at a friend’s estate. Although the event was never publicly announced, Durst said he assumed everyone knew.

As reported by TMZ, fans were not aware Fred Durst wed his girlfriend, as he does not wear a ring. In a recent interview, the iconic singer confessed he often simply forgets to put it on.

Durst and Beryazina both confirmed they were married during a 2012 ceremony at Ron Burkle’s San Diego estate.

A native of Gastonia, North Carolina, Fred Durst moved to Jacksonville, Florida, at the age of 2.

Throughout high school, Durst developed an interest in break dancing, music, and writing poetry. Despite dreams of becoming a musician, Durst eventually decided to join the Navy — as he was unable to find work.

As reported by Biography, Durst left the Navy after two years. Although he worked as a landscaper and a tattoo artist, Durst still dreamed about starting a band.

In 1994, Durst and his cousin, John Otto, began collaborating with Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, and Malachi Sage. The four young men eventually formed a rap/rock band — which they called Limp Bizkit.

Although the band quickly became well known throughout Jacksonville, they did not get a record contract until 1997. Three Dollar Bill, Yall, was a minor success. However, Limp Bizkit became a nationwide sensation with their second album, Significant Other.

In addition to his musical career, Durst also enjoys acting, writing, and directing.

There’s a new ep of LBMC tonight on FXX @ midnight. It’s dedicated to @freddurst (voiced by the great @kylekinane)

— The Lucas Bros. (@lucasbros) June 4, 2015

The talented singer and songwriter married his first wife in 1990. Unfortunately, the couple eventually split amid claims of emotional and physical abuse.

In 2009, Fred Durst wed Esther Nazarov. However, the couple announced their separation after only three months.

Three years later, Fred Durst married Kseniya Beryazina. Although the marriage was somehow kept out of the media spotlight, the couple is ready for the world to know.

The subject was broached by a photographer, who noticed Durst and Beryazina were both wearing wedding bands during a trip to Craigs in West Hollywood.

As reported by HNGN, Durst was reluctant to discuss his secret wedding. However, Beryazina was proud to show off her beautiful ring.

Although Beryazina confirmed she and Fred Durst were wed three years ago, she did not disclose the specific date.

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