Chris Brown And Karrueche Involved In Explosive Fight After Nightclub Encounter [Video]

Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran reunited last night, but it wasn’t a happy reconciliation like Brown was probably expecting. Instead, TMZ is reporting that the two were at odds, and it started at Playhouse nightclub. During the night, Brown was seated next to Karrueche in the VIP section.

Karrueche was reportedly “pissed” about Brown showing up at the club and being so close to her that she left the club. Of course, Chris, being the type of person he is, left the club too and followed her. At one point, he even got into her SUV. Karrueche then kicked him out and drove off. That’s when things got heated.

According to a source, Brown followed her to her house, and once he arrived, he banged on her door with his crew and started yelling at her door for her to open up. The cops were called due to neighbors complaining about the loud noise outside.

Police officials showed up at 8:35 a.m. PT time. Despite the noise, the police couldn’t do much because there wasn’t any evidence of an actual crime, so neither were arrested. TMZ also reported that at some point, Karrueche left her home and headed to Norm’s Diner for some quiet time. Unfortunately, Brown followed her there as well.

When they were inside the diner, a “full-blown shouting match” started to occur. After the shouting match was over, Karrueche left the restaurant and went home. Fortunately, Chris Brown got the hint and didn’t follow.

Karrueche Tran broke up with Brown after she found out he fathered a child with someone else. The two have been on and off for years, but dealing with a “baby mama” was Tran’s last straw. Since then, Brown has been trying to win her back but has failed to do that, so we’re assuming he tried to take it up another level while at the club.

Here’s the overall response from this heated exchange.

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[Photo by Noam Galai / Getty Images]