Finally A Knife That Toasts Bread As You Slice It! [Video]

For some science fiction fans, a knife that toast bread as you sliced it was something only found in books or the occasional movie. However, thanks to one British inventor, the dream of having freshly sliced and toasted bread in one go is now a reality. Unfortunately, it is not a laser powered butter knife.

One might think that Colin Furze is some kind of engineer, but he is not. He was a plumber until recent years and has made a name for himself in the online video community by being a garage inventor.

He also holds several Guinness World Records.

Furze has a invention show over on YouTube, where he showcases his unique and sometimes dangerous inventions. The toasting knife was the first time Furze made a user-submitted invention. However, it’s doubtful the user came up with the idea on his own.

So how did Furze make the knife that toasts bread as you slice it? According to him, it was rather easy. He uses a microwave transformer, some heavy duty cables, a couple of copper tubes, and a rather mean looking blade. The microwave transformer heats up the blade to red hot temperatures, which is what allows the knife to toast and slice at the same time.

Furze admits that the edges are a bit more toasted than the middle, but still the invention works. The toast is just a bit more black than the golden brown we might be used to, yet Furze insists that his “FurzoToasto” is a great and useful product.

He shows that the toasting knife can also be used to toast a single piece of bread. It can also melt butter for easy spreading.

The Huffington Post points out that this device may not be the safest implement in the kitchen.

“If you slip with a normal breadknife you’ll probably just need a Band-Aid, but make a mistake with Furze’s invention, and you might need an ambulance.”

What’s life without a little bit of danger, eh?

If you want to learn how to make the toasting knife yourself, Furze has put up another video detailing his process.

Is the knife that slices bread up to your expectations? Were you expecting something more futuristic?

[Image via YouTube screenshot]